In the beginning…..

SO, here I am, a student nurse at last! Life events sadly stopped me from becoming a nurse so far. But 33 years old, I have a lot of experience and knowledge to build and improve. I have worked in healthcare for around 10 years over all. I didn’t get the grades I wanted from school so I had to go and do separate Maths and English certificates and then an Access diploma course (equivalent to A levels) to finally get me on the adult nursing degree.

The whole application process was awful for me. I hate interviews! It doesn’t matter how much I prepare, I get nervous, my mind goes blank, I mutter rubbish that doesn’t make sense. They could ask me if the sky was blue and id say no its green haha! Hell. Anyway… second attempt I got in! Sadly I didn’t pass the first time round because I literally couldn’t speak. I was too scared. Tip for anyone applying currently, don’t forget your 6 C’s of nursing like I did…. big mistake. Second time round, I was prepared, ready, knew what was going to be asked of me and wasn’t failing again! I got in! 😀 Yay! I could of cried with delight! I was so happy.

I waited for my start date, I knew it was January but unsure dates and times. December came, I still hadn’t heard. I called and the lady told me 16th January. So I gave my notice in at work for the Friday before. I live independently so I have bills etc to pay and needed to work every last day I could! I then get an enrolment email 5 days before, and once I had enrolled online, it said my start date was actually the 9th!! ‘GREAT… I’ve missed my first welcome week!’ I panicked. I got so upset that I had missed the first week of nursing! ‘Everyone is going to know everyone, I’m not going to fit in now… I’m going to be behind… OK breathe…’ I called the school office and they were lovely, sorted it all out, apologised for the error and said not to worry I hadn’t missed anything and to pop into office on the Friday to collect my badge etc. Which I did. Enrolled and ready to rock.

My first week was scary! I didn’t know anyone! I hate small talk. I sat alone, in a huge room of around 150 students. My head was down most of the week, getting by! The second week was much better, I told myself to stop being so ridiculous and talk to people. How am I going to be on wards if I’m like that in lessons! A prep talk was all I needed. I did it. I went out and I spoke to people and made friends.

Out of 150 people we are broken down into smaller groups and my group is absolutely lovely. Everyone is so polite and respects each other, we all listen to each other. Even better that we are all the same ages! 30+ years its great!

The university itself, is great, easy to get around and well sign posted to rooms etc. They have big lecture halls and the smaller rooms for our group work. They have skills rooms which are all made like wards in the hospitals with beds and patients in them for us to experience some things before we head out to our placement. Heres to an exciting 3 years!








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