Exams – March 2017

The first thing we were told is… EXAMS! ‘Already?! What!? Ok. You’re panicking again, stop it’ Our first exam was Maths, I did my first online, practice one and got 5/10! Bliming shocking! So that made me panic even more. I revised like a trouper and tried more practice ones. 7/10 ‘That’s much better’. The pass rate is 7/10 so as long as I stay above that I’m all good.

Exam day came, St Patrick’s day, 17th March at 3pm. By then, I was confident. I was happy because I was getting 9/10 and 10/10 on the practice exams so I knew I’d be fine. 2 hours before the lesson, a few of us decided to go to the IT suite and do some extra exams and practice before the exam. I’d gone down! I was making simple and STUPID mistakes 😦 what on earth?! I panicked…. ‘I’m going to fail’. I became nervous and worried about it.

3pm… Exam time. There was a large group of us together. Sitting apart on the computers. We all have each other the nod of good luck. My friends I was with, we decided we wouldn’t sit on the same table because we will make each other panic. So we all sat across the room from each other.

15mins into the the exam, I’d finished. So I went back to the start and went over all my answers. I realised I had made ridiculous mistakes! 3 mistakes! So I had to frantically change my answers and double check and triple check they were all correct this time. ‘What’s wrong with me’ I thought. I was so confident and doing well, it’s crazy what exams do to you. 3.30pm, ‘Computers off guys!’ the exam was done. I looked around and my peers and we all gave each other a smile. Relief I think haha. Now we wait until Friday 31st March to get our results. Fingers crossed!

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