First day at placement 

So I arrived nice and early, thanks to my super girlfriend lending me the car! I wasn’t sure about parking so I had to park a bit out and then get the train to the hospital. Found my ward really easily. Walking through the halls of the hospital that time in the morning is so dark and creepy. I walked onto my ward and declared myself as ‘Student nurse, first day, first placement’. Everyone loves a new student haha.

My mentor seems lovely, all the staff were lovely! My mentor wanted me to follow a healthcare assistant round the wards for the day to get the feel of what the ward is like, the routine, patients, etc. Which was a good thing 🙂 This ward is mainly a abdominal surgical ward, so a lot of stoma bags.

  • 7am: Handover, to find out about the patients and what they need today.
  • 7.30am: Get all clean bedding ready to make the beds. Check what patients are due pressure relief.
  •  8am: Any patients that are awake and wanting to get up, assist them and change all bedding.
  • 8.30am-9am: Breakfast time. Host comes around with all the breakfast for patients. Assisted patients to sit up and get comfortable to eat.
  • 9am-10.15am: Continue to assist patients with washing and dressing if needed, if not just get them fresh hot soapy water ready to have their wash independently.
  • 10.15am: have a break for 15mins.
  • 10.30am: head back and check all beds have been done in other bays or if anyone needs assistance. Got called to assist the staff nurse do a dressing which was fun!
  • 11am: assist with measuring the urine and documenting it all. Giving patients pressure relief.
  • 12pm: lunch time. Assist to get the lunches out to the patients and ensure everyone is sitting up comfortably.
  • 1pm: Check all patients notes, write in food diaries, fluid charts, pressure area charts. Ensure patients have moved every 4hours.
  • 2pm: 45 minute lunch break. Absolutely starving and a pounding heading. Just occurred to me that I’ve had 1 cup of tea all day! Whoops.
  • 2.45pm: I got my practice placement document folder ready for my mentor and our first initial interview.
  • 3-4pm: First initial interview competed. Checking patients paper work is all up to date, give pressure relief.
  • 4-4.30pm: Reading over ward information and printing my student guide to the ward. And breathe.
  • 4.30 – 5pm: Watched the nurse remove some staples from a wound and remove a drain! Exciting stuff! Yay! Call me morbid but I really love wounds and the nasties haha.
  • 5pm-6pm: Assist with getting the diners out and serving deserts. Documenting food plans, fluid charts, reposition charts.
  • 6pm: checking all patients are ok, assisting with any personal care needed.
  • 6.40pm: My mentor says I can go home!! Yay!! Thanks! 😀 Nice early finish and a lovely almost 2 hour journey back home.

My first day all in all was so busy, tiring, non stop. But the time went by fast and I learnt how this ward runs and the type of surgery that went on. Arrived safe and sound back home and fast asleep by 9.30pm!! Zzzzzzz. A few days off now and back at 7am-7.30pm on Sunday. Until next time……

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