Placement is here! 

First day of placement today! En route right now as we speak. I had some mini melt down last night, I was worrying too much. I checked the bus routes etc all again, and realised I actually have to be up at 4am and on the bus at 4.30am to make it to my placement for 7am! Arghhhh. This isn’t good news. Then, what if they don’t like me, what if I don’t fit into the team?! What’s the ward like, the patients, are they going to expect too much from me?! Head overload and going to explode.

The fear of the unknown. Scary stuff!! It’s 6.21am and I’m now walking up to the hospital! Wish me luck!


37 years old and I have finally achieved my dream of becoming a nurse. I had around 10 years healthcare experience before I started my nursing degree and then when I qualified I went straight into GP Nursing. I have a passion for sexual health, transgender health, LGBTQ+ health and all things shiny.

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