Maths Exam results are in….

So… I woke at 7.30am roughly, knowing my maths exam result will be available to view at 12.00pm! What am I going to do to keep busy until then? I’m soo anxious, I NEED to pass , I’m frantically pacing around the flat doing little jobs. Ironed my uniforms ready for placement, finished drying the washing, ate, scrolled across Facebook at random junk, checked emails and watch day time tv. I finally saw the time 12:04pm!! YES! ‘Time to check my results’. Fast fast fast, log in FASTER computer!!! Go go go…. loading… loading YES passed!!! 7/10 however, thats just not good enough. I made stupid mistakes. I swear I checked all my answers three times over… arghh at least its a pass! YAY!! No more retake for maths. Phew… thank god. Now lunch time… 😀

Next thing I will be submitting is my assignment, which so far has taken over my life. Titled: ‘Reflective essay demonstrating your understanding of the professional, ethical and legal values that impact on nursing in a diverse society.’ So basically we have to write a reflective piece on a module in our course and how we will put it all into practice and the laws around it… or something like that haha! I managed to do my first draft in 2 weeks. 1500 words. Since then (this was roughly February time) I have edited and changed, edited more and changed…. every day I was looking at it and stressing myself out that its not good enough. So I left it for a week and went back to it. I realised I had missed a couple of points on the assignment brief so I have added that in now. Last and final draft is complete. I will check it all over one last time, and asked a friend to proof read for grammar and spelling mistakes and then I can submit and wait! We should get those results at the end of May sometime. The decline is 21st April so I still have enough time for this one 🙂 Just really need to pass this first year and see what I can improve on for the second year. Maths is clearly one of them haha! Multiplying fractions is not my strong point at all. But a pass is a pass! Happy of that! 😀

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