Placement day 2 tomorrow!

I’ve had a lovely couple of days off. Today I did some exercises and meditation ready for a busy 12 hour day tomorrow on the ward. This time I’m more prepared, I’ve got pop tarts ready for my 10am break and lots of squash to drink throughout the day if I can bypass the staff room every now and then haha.

I can borrow the car again yay! So I can park right outside the hospital this time and be there with no problems 🙂 One less worry thank god.

Today, I went over my assignment AGAIN, adjusted it AGAIN. Sick of looking at the thing now haha. Good job I do keep checking though as I noticed a couple of references were wrong! Phew.

I then got out my Anatomy and physiology colouring book and started that 😬 It’s something I bought to help me remember in a fun way! Ready for my exam in June. Let’s hope I remember it all. I need to learn; the Cardiovascular system and anatomy of the heart, Renal system and anatomy, Respiratory system and anatomy, skin and anatomy of and the nervous system and anatomy of! I will be tested on a blank diagram to label and questions about one of these sections. But we don’t know which one! 😩 Fingers crossed I remember! I have time.

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