Second day of placement 

My second 12.5hour shift went amazing! I think Sundays are the way forward haha. I was put with a great healthcare assistant in the morning who was fantastic! The way he spoke to the patients, the way he talked to me WITH the patient and included them whilst training me on things. Explained everything as we went along. He did everything properly using all the proper equipment when needed and explaining the risks etc.

We went round and helped anyone that needed assistance with getting washed and dressed. Changed all the bedding as we went along. We assisted one lady with a shower and she was truly grateful for that! She hadn’t washed her hair in around a week she stated, when at home she’d usually wash her hair every other day. So she was so thankful that we had offered to assist her with that and the rest of the day it’s all she could praise us for ☺️ It’s the little things we take for granted in life.

I walked around the beds and filled out all the fluid and diet charts for patients. Encouraging them to drink and eat more if needed.

After lunch, I worked with a different nurse who asked if I wanted to do some skills with her. First; insert a female Urinary catheter! ‘Whaaaaat. Ok. Exciting stuff!’ So she asked me to look through the guidelines and procedures. After I’d done that she took me over to the patient with all the stuff ready for it. I explained to the patient, who I was, student nurse and gained consent for me to do the catheter for her. She was happy to allow me ‘everyone’s gotta learn’ she says.

The nurse went through everything with me and showed me how to do it all with the aseptic non touch technique before I did anything. Following her guidance I inserted the catheter with no problems yay! She was happy with what I did and it wasn’t too uncomfortable for her. ☺️ Documented all what I did in the patient care notes. To be reviewed after 24hours.

After this I walked around to observe and learn how the medications are given. I was shown how to administer a Clexane injection (used to prevent the blood from clotting) and then was asked if I wanted to try to give one to a patient. Which I was happy to do of course! So again, I gained consent from the patient, explained it was my first time as a student and the patient was happy to allow me to do it. So I gave my first injection yay! I’m sure all this excitement of doing new things will ware off haha. But right now I’m loving everything. I love learning all the new skills. I love doing them and everyone seems happy with me so far! 😀

All in all a great day today! I’ve covered some one my professional values with the NMC code and consent and talking to patients. Reassuring them. Acting professional and maintaining dignity of each patient as well as doing new skills. Bring on the next one 😬🎸

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