2 weeks has past!

The past 2 weeks has gone by so fast. It’s April already, where has this year gone?! 

The last couple of shifts of my placement have been amazing. I’ve had such good feedback from patients and the nurse I have been working with. Just at how great i’m doing so far. It’s good to hear I’m on the right track so far 😀

I worked with the staff nurse to remove a female catheter and then she got me to use the aseptic technique to put a dressing onto a wound of a patient. All the exciting stuff! I love doing new things, experiencing new things, learning constantly along the way. Anything they suggest me to try I get so excited about. It’s a whole new world out there haha! So far I am really enjoying it. Despite being so busy, non stop, on my feet all day for the 12 hour shifts, only sitting when it’s my lunch break, I do love it.

I’ve got the weekend off and its been beautiful!! The weather is great 😀 Sunshine and 14’c (for anyone not living in the UK, thats warm for us haha) along with the fact it’s not raining is a bonus! So me and the girlfriend had a lovely day out yesterday, had a long walk around the woods and down to her horses for a few hours. I’ve not really been keen on horses, but then i’ve never spent time around them. But her’s are lovely. So cute! They come and have a cuddle and have their own little personalities, I love it. The more I spend around them I’m liking them more 😀 It’s always good to get out and do things that aren’t work related, take away the stresses of the day and relax, recharge for the next shift. I love to travel, eat, get out on walks, see animals, photography, theatre and a small bit of fun stuff like rock climbing and badminton! Which we are about to start doing more of whoop! But for now… here’s a picture of yesterdays events.



Walk with coconut milk, Irish syrup frappes.



37 years old and I have finally achieved my dream of becoming a nurse. I had around 10 years healthcare experience before I started my nursing degree and then when I qualified I went straight into GP Nursing. I have a passion for sexual health, transgender health, LGBTQ+ health and all things shiny.

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