How will I survive it? SOS!

This probably sounds really pathetic and stupid of me, but how will I cope on a night shift?! It’s finally came around, I have to do my first night shift as a student nurse on the wards. I have 101 fears (not literally) about this. The Nursing and Midwifery council state we have to experience the full 24 hour healthcare system, luckily not every week! Haha.

“What If I fall asleep, what if its really quiet and I sit and just nod off….”

I’m sure I won’t, it’s hospital… its bound to be busy and I’ll be rushed off my feet.

“What if I’m so tired I make a silly mistake”

I mean, everyone makes mistakes we are only human. I just need to prepare, make sure I have enough food, fluids (during shift for energy), sleep (before hand) and if I were to make a mistake, be honest and open about it so it can be rectified.

“What about the journey back home in the morning after my shift”

I live a good 16 miles away, which isn’t far really. The good news is, the girlfriend has booked days off so she can take me and pick me up again! She’s a star!! ❤

Driving takes around 50 minutes (which I don’t want to do after a shift with zero sleep). Buses will take almost 2 hours to get me home and the trains about an hour. During the day it’s fine, because my girlfriend kindly gives me car and goes without for me. But the night shifts are going to be hard if they want me to do this on a regular basis, which I don’t think they will do thankfully 🙂

Image taken from google (cafe press).

I’ve had a few tips for my night shift;

  • Watch out for the 2-3am time…. worst time on a night shift. Its when the tiredness hits you.
  • On the day, wake up super early and then sleep later on in the day ready for it.
  • Coffee fix…
  • Pray it’s not quiet.

Thank you.. haha! Any other tips to surviving my night shift would be appreciated 😀 Wish me luck Wednesday!!!


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