Finally recovered from my nights shifts!

The second night shift was pretty similar to the first. Busy to start with but once patients had settled down there wasn’t much to do. I did my physiology revision and my practice placement book which was good. After my second night shift, I got home and tried to sleep and couldn’t! I managed about 2.5 hours sleep 😴 and woke feeling sick and exhausted. I unfortunately had to call in sick for my third night shift. I felt so guilty, even though I’m not counted in the numbers, I still felt bad for calling in. But I couldn’t physically do another one. I’d be unsafe to patients and myself! 😦 I much prefer the day shifts. Regular routine, plenty of sleep and a lot more to learn. I don’t feel I’ve learnt much from my night shifts other than how a night shift runs. But I’m glad I did it and I’ve now experienced the full 24 hour ward. I’ve done days, weekends, nights and bank holidays all on my first 4 weeks of placement. Another 5 weeks to go! 🙂 Then its exam time arghhhhh!

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