Assignment results are in! 

So I’ve finally got round to blogging my results! I sat waiting patiently Friday for them to come through at midday…. 11.55, 56, 57, *whatsapp notification* university group ‘Our results were in early!’ Whoooo! So nervously I logged into my university account to check if I passed or failed. I’d worked soooo hard on this assignment I’d hate to fail this. PASS yay!!!!! Thank god!!! But I only got 55% which is a C grade. It’s still a pass but I’m really taking the 55% grade hard! I’ve read the feedback left on my assignment and I just need to double check a couple of things with the tutor that marked it as I don’t understand it fully. Hopefully whatever I was marked down for  I can correct in my next assignment and aim for the higher marks.

It’s still gutting, knowing I worked so hard on it to get it perfected and only gained 55% but at least it’s a pass. No retake thank god.
Last week of placement this week eeeee. This 9 weeks has gone by so fast!! Fingers crossed I’ve done enough to pass this placement and move onto the second one.


37 years old and I have finally achieved my dream of becoming a nurse. I had around 10 years healthcare experience before I started my nursing degree and then when I qualified I went straight into GP Nursing. I have a passion for sexual health, transgender health, LGBTQ+ health and all things shiny.

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