OSCE Completed! 

Thank god it’s over. OSCE – objective structured clinical examination. I didn’t realise how stressed I was about OSCE exams until the day of it. I have been revising so hard with physiology, practiced my practical skills for it. I’ve used everything available to me to remember it all and perfect it. The night before OSCE I had some terrible nightmares about failing the exam. One after the other. When I woke in the morning, this made me panic a lot more and I became so nervous for it.

The OSCE comes in 2 parts. The first was a physiology written paper at random, you won’t know which one you get so I had to revise the 4 systems: Renal, Respiratory, Skin and Cardiovascular. You get 20 minutes to complete it. My knowledge on the skin is far better than the rest so I was praying for that one! And luckily I got that one! 😀 I was so happy to see that written on the front when the lecturer put it down in front of me ready to start. I think i did enough to pass this. I know I got a couple of questions wrong, I labelled one part of the diagram wrong, it was all back to front and everything was in different places and I couldn’t remember the name for the one part of it. There was a multiple choice question that I think i got wrong too. All of the answers could of been right to me! But despite this, I think I’ve done enough to pass physiology part. 🙂 I remembered a lot more than I thought I would so I am happy with that.

The second part was the practical session. There was 2 examiners in the room. One is the ‘patient’ and the other one has the paper to mark you. I had 20 minutes to do a set of observations; blood pressure, pulse, temperature and respiratory rate. I had a whole list of things that I need to do. Gain consent, infection control, safety, communication, professionalism, know the ranges of all the average measures of my observations, introducing myself as student nurse and getting the patients preferred name.

I think I did enough to pass! I felt confident coming out of the exam. Both parts. But now I have had a couple of days to reflect back, I think I am thinking the worst now! What if I haven’t. What if my pulse was wrong?? What if the lecturer marking didn’t hear me ask for consent because I am quite a quiet person. The pulse was hard to read, I should of done it twice to double check it!! Instead I gave the first reading. I was so nervous during, its all one blur. I just hope I have done enough to pass. I will get my results on 14th July so fingers crossed!!

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