First week back at university

What. A. Week. On one hand I’m so glad to be back and see our group. It has felt like forever since I’ve seen everyone. Really good to catch up and see how everyone has got on during their placements and OSCE. On the other hand… a surprise 2 hour exam coming in September to prepare for and a new assignment launch! Arghhhh! Second half of the year is going to be so tough! BUT on saying this, I absolutely love this module. Health in Society and I get to pick my favourite area sexual health!!! So excited for that. So my assignment will be based on sexual health, relating to young people and the chlamydia screening. Done. It’s only just been launched and I’ve decided and even saved some websites for information! Too keen? Naaaah. Prepared. This is how you have to be throughout your nursing career all. Organised, prepared and ready for it. Along with positivity!

So… this exam. Oh my god. Firstly, I’m excited for it. Reason being, it’s all linked into actual health issues. So we will have an exam based around; Asthma, Stroke and Renal Colic. We have to know these things inside out, anatomy and physiology of it all. The drugs used, side effects. HOW and WHY the drugs work on certain areas etc. Which cells it affects… this is my downfall haha!! Trying to remember all this and the long wording of drugs and categories etc. Revision for September starts now! We have a virtual case study online that we have to complete. This is a simulated ward and we search info for the patient (Martha/asthma case) and diagnose etc. This is amazing to me! More interactive! This will really help me remember things if I can do and see it in front of me.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 17.05.04

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