UK Firewalk – Onwards and Upwards Event

At university we had an onwards and upwards event, which runs over a few days. Today was fire walking day!! How exciting 😀

I’m not sure who’s original idea this was…. I remember last time round I nominated the guys in our group to do this but nothing came of it. This time round we were all on this haha. It was one of those things you think ‘yes that will be fun’ but you don’t actually think about it any more than that. So I said ‘if anyone is doing it we are all doing it together.’ Thats exactly what we did. We all signed up and after our first lecture at 11am, we came out and followed a student ambassador to the room upstairs where we had to sit and listen to instructions and sign a waiver form.


The guy: Scott Ball (who holds the Guinness world record for fire walking) went though the instructions of what we should be doing, that there will be buckets of water in case we need it. He loved telling us that the temperature of the coal is 500 – 600 degrees celsius… thank you…. not scared one bit now… really… :-/  After our talk we were all lead across the road to where the firewall would take place. A stretch of coal burning faced us all…. you could feel the heat from where we were standing! I was definitely nervous now and wondering what I just signed up and why. Oh wait… someone told me we get free lunch if we do this.. ‘oh yes…. THATS why..’ Joking, that does help however. I personally wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone, do something completely out of the ordinary and have the confidence to do this. Especially when I have a small fear of burning to death. Conquer it and go!

There I was, waiting to go… thinking ‘come on, you have got this’ and walk walk walk faster…. go go go …. I’m at the end! Boom done! It wasn’t THAT bad at all. I did possibly step on a little hot piece and now have a blister on my toe BUT apart from that, all in all was a great experience. It’s a cross cultural experience. Firewalking has dated back 4000 years, the first one documented in India. There’s never an opportunity like that around so you have to take it while it’s there. I don’t want to live a life of ‘what ifs’ so i’m making the most of these 3 years to push myself, gain that confidence more and more and qualify university with no regrets and a stronger person for it.


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