Motivated and ready

Second half of my first year is in full force. I had to write a blog about how incredibly motivated (more so) I have become. I’m not sure what’s happened since leaving placement and starting our next module NUR2023 / NUR2024, possibly something in the water at university? Haha. I feel the atmosphere at university, just sitting at home and thinking I need to get up and do work or revision has all increased for the better! Everyone seems really happy, everyone seems to be enjoying the module launch, everyone seems so motivated to get up and do this. I say everyone… I have not spoken to every person in my year. But in my group this is how it seems 😀 And I love it. We are all on it. We are all getting together and working together. Getting tasks and work done as it is given to us.

I personally feel really good about the second half of this year. Even with the pressure of a 2 hour exam in September and a new assignment to write along with a new placement starting in August… I feel confident. I feel ready for it all to succeed and pass my first year. I feel like nothing can stop me now. I’ve become really organised (even more than before) and I think thats the key to nursing. You can’t leave things to last minute, well I personally can’t. I know some people thats how they do things, last minute assignment writing and revision. I can’t work like that. If I am even slightly behind I will panic and then the pressure will get to me. Its about knowing your limits. Knowing yourself and how you work, what is good and right for you do that. Do more of that.

For some people, they are scared of asking for help, scared to say ‘I can’t do this’ but you HAVE to ask for help. There is so much out there at the university to help us and guide us through this. Extra tuition, practice exam questions, library help, links to sites to help, counselling services, financial help and more! Have no regrets in this. The worst feeling in life is regret.

I’ve also discovered how much I enjoy actually helping others. This may sounds really stupid as its the reason every nurse should be a nurse, right? But what I mean by this is the teaching side of things. On placement it amazed me how much knowledge the nurses knew and I loved the fact they would educate patients on certain areas. Giving the patients power. It was one of the things that patients always commented on when I asked them how they found the ward and the staff (for my own knowledge). That’s a great quality to have I think. Empowering patients. But during university, I do enjoy researching, finding various things, if I know something I like to help and share with other students. It’s nice to share things because all of are unique and have different ways of explaining things and looking at things, that difference might be the key for someone else to learn and see it. We all need help and every student should help each other where needed and if they can. We are all in this together. Its about team work after all.



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