Thoughts of the day 

I’m sat on the bus, en route work. Don’t worry, it’s only a 5 hour shift on a Sunday 😀 and I love it.

Anyway… I’m sat here, at the back, not because it makes me cool to sit at the back, well cool as in cold yes. All the breeze from the open windows on the bus blasts your face as you sit at the back. Best seat for a hot day! This isn’t my main thought of the day, it’s just a tip for the lovely bus riders of the UK. Because here in the UK we are so used to being cold and rained on, the slightest piece of hot sunshine we get we can’t cope. Well, I can’t haha!

I have noticed during bus rides, that the disabled seats are at the front and very low down?! I’m not sure who designed these buses but anyone that knows of or has worked with the elderly know that, elderly people aren’t the best at getting up from low levels. I know there are some elderly people that are very good with mobility but the majority do struggle.  Every elderly person that’s got on the bus sit on one of two seats; the ones at the back where they are higher up or the ones at the very front that are higher up and you feel like you’re on the rollercoaster sitting at the front. So why not make the higher seats for the elderly rather than the front lower ones? Move the sign, that’s all that’s needed. I’m assuming it’s because there’s more leg room on the front lowest seats?

So, my main point of this blog. I hear music, at first I assumed the bus company  has raised it’s standards and introduced bus radio maybe? Because all I see are two elderly gentlemen on this bus. They can’t have the latest technology with music surely? The one elderly gent, gets up and grabs his bag from the front where he left it. It’s a big blue rubbish sack type bag. Filled with something. I’m not too sure what. At first I thought it was actually rubbish and he’s getting rid of it. My next thought was maybe it’s for a charity shop? I observe him walking off with his bag, I realise the music is coming from his pocket! He had a little radio in there. Wow. Amazing. Put me right in my place.  I watch him as he walks further down from the bus stop he gets off and he walks into the launderette! Ooooh! He’s come all this way to do his laundry? This was a 15 minute bus ride from where I got on. But as he walked into the launderette he was smiling and seemed to look like he knew people in the launderette. This could be a social life for him? Maybe he has a washing machine at home but he enjoys the journey and seeing others in the launderette. Maybe he doesn’t have a washing machine and he still enjoys going to the launderette. Who knows. But my main thought about this is; The key to a healthy ageing life (linking our healthy ageing lecture at uni now) is keep using it or you lose it. You have to keep mobile, you have to keep social, even if it’s just a launderette visit, get out, embrace the world and the people in it. Keep positive. Live your life like it’s your last.

If you died right this second would you be happy with what you’ve achieved or would you have regrets? If the answer is the latter, change it! Don’t build a future of regrets. You only live this life once. Make it count. Never assume the elderly can’t play music on the bus! And last but not least; always carry your radio in your pocket when your elderly. Be the life and soul of someone else’s journey.

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