Results are in!!

YES!!!! I passed!!! I have to share the amazing news, I didn’t just pass but I got an amazing result. 87% overall mark. I got 91% for clinical skills and 83% for my physiology paper. So proud and happy right now. What a result. My main downfall on my clinical skills was the pulse reading. But I knew this as soon as I left the room after completing the exam. His pulse was irregular and I should of 1: double checked my reading and 2: commented on the irregularities of it. I was so nervous and I just didn’t think. On reflection I know what I did wrong and I know that next time I will make sure everything I do is 100% correct and if i’m unsure to check and check again until I am. I know during placement I would of checked twice, I would of reported it back to my mentor. It is the pressure of being in exam conditions that makes you uneasy and make little mistakes. But as long as we can reflect, admit our mistakes, learn and grow from them that’s the key to being successful I think. Even top consultants and chief executives make mistakes. It’s how to move forward and prevent it from happening again.

And now, Sunday funday has approached. Today I have the day off and I am motivated more than ever after that result. I’ve set myself a bench mark now. I don’t want anything less than a high grade. I will be happy with 70% and more. One of the lecturers said something and she was SO right! ‘40% is the pass mark, do you think that’s good enough? Do you think as a nurse, it’s good enough to only know 40% of the information needed?’ I don’t want to be a 40% nurse, I want to be 100% I want to know everything there is to know and be confident as a nurse.


Harvard referencing for my assignmentToday I am finishing this first draft of my assignment ready to take to the personal development department and just get some advice on how to improve academically. Because this is where my weakness lies. My academic writing need

s improvement if I want higher grades for this next assignment. I know I can do it! I’m motivated to do this. It’s a fantastic assignment and I’m really excited to be writi

ng about sexual health, it’s where I work and where most of my knowledge is. I’m extremely lucky to have access to the sexual health and family planning library at work where they have a lot of great journals. So I am setting myself up for great results this time round. Fingers crossed.

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