End of the week.

Another great week for learning. There is so much information to take in during a two hour lecture. This is why a lot of the revision and work has to come from home. Researching and reading in your spare time.
I’ve got a lot of revision to do for this next exam! I have to know every detail of Asthma, Stroke and Renal colic. I can’t miss a single thing or I won’t get the marks I need to pass. No pressure Claire haha! It’s remembering the longer words of physiology and how to spell them. But I am finding that I am remembering a lot more now! I feel I’m doing so much better this half of the year than the last half. Only time will tell.
So, things I’ve learnt this week:

  • The impact of smoking on an individual.
  • How severe diabetes can actually be for a patient.
  • Going more detail into blood pressure regulation and the Renal system.
  • The different types of kidney stones and causes.
  • Pre and post operative care. Knowing what to look for in your patient and how to manage them to the best of my ability.
  • How to female catheterise a patient using aseptic technique.
  • And every day is a ‘APPY APPY DAY’ when you have a particular lecturer teaching you. 👑

I had already done a female catheterisation on my previous placement. But it was right at the beginning of placement and I was struggling to remember the lengths of the catheter during this session. So this session was really useful to practice and practice it. Watching other students do theirs and how they work.
No student should ever think ‘well I’ve already done that so I don’t need it’ because you do need it. Practice makes perfect. You don’t get the opportunity to practice a lot so take every opportunity available to do it. Just doing one skill once on the ward isn’t enough to master it. It needs going over again and again until you can do it in your sleep.

Female catheterisation station at Birmingham City University.

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