This is it…

It was our last day at university today! Until exam week of course. But it was our last taught lesson of the year! First year is flying past me. We have one exam, one assignment and one placement left and then come November that’s the lot for first year. First year student Claire, shall be behind me and ‘hello my name is Claire, second year student’ has arrived. How exciting!! 😬

This week I’ve prepared some little flash cards for my next placement. As I’m on a Hyper Stroke Ward, I’m really excited but also nervous. It’s always that ‘what is expected of me’. And I’ve had to do some researching around Stroke before I go. It’s always embarrassing if your mentor asks a question and you have no clue what she’s talking about, but at the same it’s ok to say ‘I’m really sorry, I don’t know’. This is why we are here, to learn, grow, absorb as much information as possible. ESPECIALLY when part of my next exam will be based on a stroke! Now you can see why I’m excited? Haha. Physically seeing and doing it all is going to be such a benefit to me.
My flash cards; I bought a laminator so I could waterproof them. I made little code words I’m going to need to know and a nice diagram of the brain to remember.

Every little helps.

Big thank you to Sue and Scott our lecturers for being so passionate and wanting us to smash this next exam. I’ve learnt so much from this module and it’s just been amazing. At the start of the module they said ‘It’s going to be a journey. This is just a flavour’ and they weren’t wrong. A fantastic journey and fully motivate to pass this exam. Not just pass but I plan to be the first student to get 100%!!!! Obviously I’ll be happy with 80%+ but 100%?!!
But for now…. we eat….

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