The Importance of the RCN.

I have just proudly become a Student Information Officer for the RCN! I wanted to share how incredible our RCN is.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) are fantastic. Created in 1916; they are the worlds largest union and professional body for nurses, including us students in the UK and internationally.

“I’m proud of the work the RCN does and I believe our dual role as a trade union and professional nursing organisation benefits members and patients.”

Janet DaviesChief Executive & General Secretary
(The Royal College of Nursing )
With Michael Brown as chairman, Chief executive & general secretary Janet Davies and President Cecilia Anim, they have a council of 31 members who support and represent members, influence the government and other professional bodies, develop and promote research and maintain standards to deliver their core values and objectives. 
Following Brexit, the RCN has called on the government to protect the future of our EU nurses. The RCN also works in partnership with some international countries like the Zambian union of nurses organisations and the Buurtzorg Nederland Community Care Model. They influence nursing policies and improve nursing practices in these areas and identify any challenges to be addressed.The RCN are here to make a difference in nursing. To make the future of nursing better. The work they do is incredible but they can’t do it alone. That’s why they need us members, whether you’re a student nurse, qualified nurse or healthcare assistant, you can be part of this. Not only that but the RCN are a union, if you have any issues or unfair dismissals etc they will come in and support you all the way.They have the largest library in Europe with 54,000 books, 1,100 e – journals and 30,000 e-books. A massive bonus for us students when writing assignments! 😬

No matter what area you work in, we need to all work together to make healthcare better. Make the future for our patients better. Providing the best possible care to each patient. That starts with you. Too many nurses are giving up and quitting, we need to stand together now and make a change. If everyone quits, who will take care of our patients? Stand together, stand tall, be proud and let’s do this.



Taken from google images (2017)



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