Placement starts

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged! I’ve had around 3 weeks off and I have been working my little socks off.

In between working I have been finalising my assignment ready to submit and revising for our next exam. Eeeee. Scary stuff.  I’m actually looking forward to the next exam? Is that odd?


All of my uniform is washed, ironed and ready for another placement.


So today (Monday 21st August 2017) I started my next placement 1.2 on the hyper stroke unit, 7am – 19:30pm. I was excited to start with but also nervous. A bundle of different emotions. The first day is always the most nerve wrecking, because you don’t quite know what to expect. What’s expected of you. Meeting new people, new staff, new multi disciplinary teams; fun fun fun. But I know I am going to learn so much from it! It’s going to be an experience.

I arrived, early, as always. 6.08am. I like to be organised, know where I’m going, sit and have tea before starting. So I found the ward, a lovely HCA showed me to the staff room ‘hallelujah’ as I opened the door and saw the most comfy sofas, microwave, fridge, TV etc. My day has started well.

I was put with a lovely band 6 sister/nurse who showed me around. I then started assisting patients with washing and dressing where needed along with the HCA. It was the same HCA I had worked with on the previous word yay! A familiar face. She’s a third year student but does bank shifts in the hospital. She always seems to be working hard. I have a quick 15min tea break and head back to the ward. I go around and ensure all the charts are up to date. Fluids, food, observations etc.

Then… I see a lady with a little Cavilier dog! She’s got a little yellow bib on that says ‘Pets As Therapy’ on it. So OF COURSE I take full advantage of having this quiet moment sat stroking this adorable little dog. The lady has 3 dogs who all have their own needs and she takes them all over Birmingham to see patients. It’s just the best thing ever. Patients were so happy to see the dog and interact with some form of normality in the hospital. Not saying staff aren’t normal haha! But it must just be lovely to see someone else rather than medical staff constantly around you

Then I get asked if I’d like to escort a patient to the other hospital for their appointment, which I agreed to. I love getting out and seeing other areas 🙂 you need to grab the opportunity while you can! Ambulance transport was late picking us up, we arrived at 16:00pm instead of 14:00pm which put the clinic we were going to behind a little. The nurses there were great though! Really accommodating and because she knew we’d have a wait to get transport back she went and fetched the patients sandwiches and fruit, water, orange juice. We were finished at 17:30pm and sent to the discharge lounge to wait for our transport home. The other patient had his family with him which was lovely. Come 18:30pm no news on transport… the family member asked the nurse how long would we wait? She called and the ambulance said they won’t get to us until almost 20:00pm! ‘Noooooo’ These patients haven’t had a proper dinner.  I called the ward to let them know that we would all be arriving back late. The sister apologised and worried about me but I said ‘I’m fine, honestly’. She promised I will get my time back as i’d be leaving an hour late. Eventually the transport arrive for us and I was back on the ward for 20:30pm yay! The night staff were so worried about me that they were about to call a taxi to come and get me. I felt so honoured. I wouldn’t of just left the patients behind anyway. I told them I didn’t mind, these things happen, and I got free tea and cake so I was very happy haha! I’m easily pleased. The nurse said she will report it all back however because she doesn’t want that happening to me again. I think I have found a good team in this ward 🙂 Thank you team for caring!

It doesn’t matter where you work, the care of the patient doesn’t just stop because you’re due to finish your shift… all of my patients will come first. If that means I get out an hour or even a couple hours late then so be it. The patients were safe, comfortable and had plenty of fluids from the caring staff around them.

All in all, a fantastic first day to my placement!!



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