First week of placement finished

That’s my first week of placement over with! These weeks are going to go so fast, I can tell already. It’s been a great week, getting my feet on the ward again; routines, observations, fluid and food charts, pressure area care, catheters and basic care of patients.

The stroke ward is great, it’s mainly elderly patients that we care for on this ward. Which is possibly why I love it. I have a huge fondness of the elderly and can not do enough for them. I can sit all day hearing the same story from patient A who has dementia and can’t remember telling me her story 5 minutes before. Or patient B who refuses to sit down and walks around the ward telling all the staff they are going to jail. I just love this. Every single person has their background and a story to tell. These people have lived their lives and have so much wisdom behind them. It really fascinates me. It’s just not nice to see them unwell in hospital, but if I can give them my time and make them feel like themselves again, ensuring I’m giving best care possible then I’ve done my job here.

In between placement I have been revising and finalising my assignment. I went to student led tutorials on Wednesday which were really helpful! Staff and students have really taken their time to help us revise. I’m so grateful to them for this because they don’t have to. So thank you students for this!

I then had my one to one session for my assignment, I have been writing this assignment forever it seems. I was told that I had to change it a bit… so I’ve re looked at it all and can see where I was going wrong now. I’ve took out some huge chunks and replaced them with better material. Fingers crossed guys! Aiming for far better marks than the last one. I need to improve if I want to be graduating with a first! This is my goal.

Now im going to fully enjoy a couple of days off before heading back to placement on Tuesday.

Google image (2017)

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