Exam week

Very late post here! It’s been a very busy week for me, but that’s a separate blog.   Firstly, exam, it’s over with and I’m not sure if I’m glad it’s over and done now or if I’m a little sad in my heart about it. I’ve really enjoyed this module a lot! Favourite so far….

I was so excited leading up to the exam, I revised like crazy as everyone knows. I wasn’t stressed about the exam, I managed to sleep well… no idea how. Then exam day arrived and I made my way to university super early to be prepared. I must of got there around 8.30am, 2 hours ahead of the exam. I sat there feeling extremely nervous waiting. I met up with my group of uni friends and we all sat going through all the physiology of the exam that we might need to know.

10:20am came and we all headed up to the exam room, nervous as anything. And the clock started… ‘2 hours to complete this exam guys!’

I started off great! Knew all the answers until I came to one Q…. which I won’t put on here due to students that haven’t taken the exam yet… but I didn’t have a clue what the answer was for this short answer Q in particular. I kicked myself for about 10 minutes staring at it, hoping the words would suddenly appear in my head but I knew they wouldn’t, I knew they wouldn’t because it’s the ONLY thing I didn’t revise #GUILTY! I don’t know why I hadn’t revised this particular drug?! And that’s when I knew… I won’t be Sue and Scott’s (lecturers) first ever 100% student. I’m so mad at myself for this. What made it even worse is that when I got home, my drug book was open on the table at that drug page, is obviously planned to write it down and forgot with all the other medications I had to learn for the exam.

My next mistake during the exam was remembering the SOCRATES! I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the last S stood for?! I sat there for about 10 minutes trying… so I put what I put something, which is always better than nothing. And then Scott declared ‘time up, pens down!’ And I remembered!!!! That second…. my face must have been a picture if anyone was looking. A disappointed, going to bang my head off a wall sort of look haha! I’m confident I’ve done well and passed this exam. But I will kick myself for the rest of year and probably through second year for not getting 100%!




Moral of the story students, REVISE EVERY SINGLE DRUG mentioned in lessons and power points. Even if they don’t talk about them as much as others. It WILL pop up….

Assignment is also handed in and done. This one, I was far too scared to submit.  I wanted it to be perfect and so scared it wasn’t. But that’s it, it’s the best I can do and I hope I beat my last result 🙂

13th of October is results day!! Come on! Let’s beat my last results! 😬 Fingers crossed and goodluck all students!

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