General Practice Nursing Opportunity

Words can not express how excited, honoured and proud I am right now; a million and one feelings all rolled into one. Firstly, I need to thank the Placement allocations team for giving me my dream placement for next year: GP surgery. I am so privilaged to have got my first choice of placement. The placement team do an incredible job at the university of trying to place hundreds (in fact maybe thousands?) of students into nursing settings for their practical placements. A huge job for anyone to sort out for us students. So, for me to get my first choice, I am so grateful to them for this.

Secondly, I had the honour of being asked to blog about my experience within the GP setting. I will be doing a series of blogs to show my journey throughout. This will hopefully encourage other students to want to work within this setting and for more practices to open their doors for us students to have the opportunity to experience and learn from a placement in this type of setting. My blogs will be published in the primary care newsletter!! How exciting!! So please keep an eye out for this at a future date (March 2018).

I am really passionate about primary care settings. To be able to help promote and encourage others into this area is such a honour. The new General Practice Nursing 10 point plan, launched in July 2017 is to promote nursing in general practice and to deliver a stronger focus on the populations’ health. I am so thrilled to hopefully be able to assist in the delivery in this through my experience / blogs and connect with various professionals to get this message across and build the future of nursing in general practice for the better.

Until then I shall be researching everything primary care and general practice nursing to build my knowledge ready for my placement in March 2018. Keep your eye out for my first blog on all of this, which will include an explanation of why I think GP is my preferred area and how important this area is for students along with how much students could learn from it…. But for now, I shall leave you with this:

“When you’re a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours”  (Top ten quotes for nurses 2017). 

Flex Nursing Wordcloud

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