Starting second year of nursing

The past year has gone by so so fast! On the 16th January 2018 (3 days and counting) I have my induction for second year! Eeee! I am so so excited. I have missed being at university so much, I have missed the lectures, I have missed my friends, I have missed grabbing lunch together and having a laugh and I really miss learning.

The past couple of days I have done a talk with the new nursing students at my university; the 01/18 Intake. A year ago that was me, sat there waiting to start my first year; excited and nervous, scared but proud! We threw in some people bingo to break the ice and get them talking to each other to start with, Haribo sweets included! Following this, I gave a student perspective on the first year and how tough it can be but how amazing it has been for me. Giving some tips and advice for along the way. Explaining what different modules are and what we do. Explaining placements to them and what mentors are like. Answering any questions, worries and fears.

I am constantly looking for ways to build my confidence in public speaking, so this opportunity was perfect. I am quite a quiet spoken person so it is something I need to work on and not be so afraid about what others think of me. I had definitely improved by the second day! So this was a huge plus for me.

I actually enjoy engaging and talking with other people in this way… This has came as one of the biggest shocks to me throughout my journey so far as a student nurse. Before I started this course, I would of never have thought I would stand in front of a group of students and talk to them all, let alone enjoy it?! I always said teaching or giving a presentation would be my biggest nightmare because the thought of having everyone staring at you whilst speaking was horrific. But now… I would even consider a job in teaching. Lesson from this, face your fears head on and push your limits!

So anyway… second year is approaching. The next module has now been launched on moodle (our university website). Nursing Practice 2 (NP2) which I’m sure will be a whole blog in itself by the end of it. It looks like we will be doing more case studies but this time it will be surrounding patients with: Cancer (cell biology), diabetes and multiple sclerosis. I am so excited for this module! Mainly because I actually know nothing but the basics around each of them. So I am excited to be learning more and building my knowledge on these diseases that affect the public so much. Also because I like to relate these things to actual patients, it helps me learn. Not only am I excited but there is also that small fear of ‘what if I fail?’ I have managed to keep my exam grades at 75% – 91% So I have set myself a standard now and need to stick to it. But then again, I know if I put as much effort into second year as I did with first year I will get those grades easy! Come on! 🙂

We will have another 2 hour exam at the end of NP2 to test our knowledge and ensure we are actually learning what the lecturers are teaching us. As well as my public speaking, I’ve come to love revising! Revising and exams?! Who would of thought? Is this just me? Are there other students out there that get this excited about it all? Haha. Here’s to an amazing module and being back at university 🎉✨

Goodbye for now, I shall be blogging / vlogging all about my first day back I am sure!

4 thoughts on “Starting second year of nursing

  1. Good luck in your 2nd year! I have really enjoyed reading your blogs. I prefer them to your vlogs but that is just my preference. Congratulations on your public speaking. I imagine it is difficult to convey both an encouraging enthusiasm along with telling new students about the realistic huge challenge of nursing but I bet you managed it better than you thought you would. I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    From a 1st year adult nursing student about 5 months in.

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    1. Thank you Tom! It’s good to get some feedback on it all 🙂 once I’ve covered everything in my vlogs like Q&As and things I’ll start doing more of a vlog Diary I think? It’s all new to me haha.
      It was very scary at first, standing there talking. I felt it in my bones. But then the second day I felt so much more relaxed and open. I just knew it was something that needs work on so I’m taking every opportunity to hit it head on. It all helps ready for 3rd year presentations 😱
      5 months in yay!! I hope you’re loving it so far.


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