In a world of nursing

My first blog on our fantastic Student Nurse Project. Go and see what we are all about.

Student Nurse Project


In a world of nursing, it can be quite easy to get lost in your own negative thoughts. Especially the very first few months of nursing; these were the toughest for me. I had to get my head around timetables, Harvard referencing, revision and organising myself. I had my head down and tried to get by.

This, everyone, is how NOT to be! Lecturers at BCU made some very inspiring comments, I do not think they realised what they had said; but I took note. Their words combined have all motivated me. They made me see things differently and made me realise that I needed to change my thinking about everything. I want to share with you those words and hope to inspire you, yes YOU, reading this…. To be a better student and the future of our nursing.

  •  “Define a difficult patient?” “Is the patient REALLY difficult or is that how YOU see them?”  How many times do we think a patient is being…

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