Nastogastric tube and IVI fluids skills session

Diary of a Nurse

We had an amazing skills session a couple of weeks ago about how to insert a nasogastric tube (NG) into a patient (using a mannequin) and how to put up some IVI fluids.

Before I started my skills session, I had observed a couple of NG tubes being inserted. During coroner court, I had heard some awful stories of how an NG insertion can go wrong. So, I was a little nervous about having this skills session and I am a little nervous about ever attempting to put one in but I will always try my best when the time arrives. Discussing with your mentor and be open, honest and stating how competent you feel doing something is a huge help I think.


The skills session was fantastic as always. Good to get practicing my skills and has given me confidence in doing this on a real patient at someā€¦

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