First day of GP placement today

Wow. Just wow. Where do I even begin with how my first day has gone?!!

I arrived very early for my shift, in fact an hour and a half early. I went and grabbed some breakfast and arrived in reception for 8.30am (still 30 minutes early). The reception staff were so lovely, they gave me tea, biscuits and a little heater as she thought I was cold. I was probably shaking with nerves than cold… As I arrived the nerves kicked in, I am not sure why as I was so excited about this placement?! My mentor arrived at 9am to show me around.

Let me tell you my biggest shock of my day…

As my mentor was showing me around, she took me upstairs to have a look at the staff room / student room. I opened the door, and the first thing I saw on the wall was a marvellous painting on the wall of a Banksy piece?!! Then I go into the room which was quite possibly bigger than my whole house put together.

In the centre there was a huge, and when I say huge, I mean HUGE beautiful dark wooden, long table. The sort that looks expensive! Surrounding it, were A LOT of chairs, I have no idea how many. But very big, leather, stunning arm chair type ones. My mouth dropped to the floor in amazement.  To the left of the table was another room with table tennis, a foosball table and some leather chairs to sit on. Next to this room was another with a table, microwave and fridge. Across from these two rooms on the other side of the table was another room with the student notice board on and more leather seats. The walls were all white with Banksy paintings, painted onto the walls.


So many opportunities!

So, after my shock of the day, I went to the nurses’ room; where we saw our patients for the day. Firstly, she did my initial interview and filled out my book for me. I was then handed a student handbook full of useful information along with information about pathways I can experience and a tool for reflecting on my days. These are so useful, I am not sure if other placements do this, but it is great!



We started clinic around 9.30am. I saw so many patients, with various health conditions such as; Asthma, Diabetes and Hypertension. I also saw 4 cervical smear tests and 2 wound dressings / management along with health promotion and educating all of the patients.

My mentor got me very involved (with my consent and enthusiasm). She had me doing the patient MANUAL blood pressure (yes! Manual, my favourite way to do all blood pressures), weight, I dressed our first wound and documented in all the patients notes, which is all input onto their main computer system. It is so nice to be able to type and not write into notes that are hard to obtain on the ward sometimes. I am quite fast at typing, so this bodes well for me haha. I was always told I should have been a PA / secretary. As much as I love the old-school ways of doing things, like paper and pen, this was a lovely feeling.

My mentor said there are no nurses at the surgery on a Friday, so I could pick places to go to for experience days if I wish or I can work alongside the doctor on this day. She wanted me to make the most out of my placement and customise my experience to my learning needs.

I could probably write forever on how today has been! Today has been my favourite day out of all my placement days over the past 14 months. I am so excited to go into clinic tomorrow morning and learn so much more about general practice.

I did end my day with car issues sadly; my car would not start. I sat for 2 hours waiting for the breakdown people to arrive and re-start my car (apparently there is an electrical fault and it needs looking at properly at the garage). Tomorrow I shall be on the public transport to get to placement which will take around 2 hours maximum. To be honest, I would travel 5 hours if I had to right now, I love my placement that much!

Tomorrow morning, we have child immunisations to do, something I have never done or seen before. Another day, another new experience. Until next time, goodbye for now.



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