Second day of my GP placement

As I said in my previous blog, today I was immunising babies. This is something I have never seen before so I was quite excited to be learning something completely new.

I arrived early as usual. One hour and ten minutes to be exact. The car did not start again this morning (but I was prepared for this) so I got 2 trains and a bus to my placement. Since I was early, I thought I would have a walk down the street and see what is around the clinic. A few doors down I found a lovely cafe! So I went inside and had a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea before starting (second breakfast for me) all for a bargain price of £2.60. Amazing. This placement just gets better and better!

9am came and I met with my mentor again, told her what a fantastic day I had, had yesterday and she seemed really happy to hear that. I think, because we were quite busy she worried I was put off maybe? But quite the opposite. It is so lovely to have a nurse as your mentor that cares about you. She has faith in students and is so willing and eager to teach me everything.

Ok, I am putting off the main points of today now haha. So, in came our first baby of the day. She was so small I started to wonder where the injection even goes?!

‘What if this baby breaks or something?’

I have never dealt with babies, I do not even know what to do with them?! Deep breath…

My mentor showed me how to draw up the vaccine and I stood and watched her give the first injection. Which actually goes into the thigh and not the arm. Something I have learnt today.

Wow. Instantly, that baby screamed! My heart started pounding and I wanted to make baby feel better. The baby did not understand a word I was saying but I kept saying ‘aww it’s ok, you are big and strong now’ whilst observing the mothers face for her tears or anger at us for hurting her little one. I know the injections are for the best but it broke my heart. It was so heartbreaking, my eyes filled up a little. I reminded myself it was ok and the baby is safe and it is over now and I felt right again. One thing to add to my new found list of ‘things that are going to affect me as a student nurse / Nurse;’ babies. The reason I chose adult over child nursing was this. I imagined it to be heartbreaking. I can deal with adults all day long, but when it is a baby that does not even know what life is yet… it makes me sad. I am not sure how I will feel being the one giving that injection for the first time… but I have always said to others and I will take the advice myself, face your fears head on to get over them.

I fully applaud all you child nurses out there or any nurse out there that cares for babies and children! You do an amazing job ❤️

(google image 2018).

So right now… I have finished placement early as I have to make my way to London for the student nursing times awards!!! How exciting! And this shall be blogged about later…. for now, goodbye.

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