Day 4 of my GP placement

Another day, another new task for me!

I arrived at my usual time, and sat in my spot at the cafe for my second breakfast and a nice cup of tea. Went into clinic at 8.30am (still 30 minutes early). I thought I would set up the room for my mentor whilst I wait. I cleaned all the room down, stocked up and got her keys; all ready for the day.

This morning we saw a variety of patients, diabetes reviews, I observed my mentor doing a wound dressing and pack it with sorbsan and I did the next dressing of a big toe. I had not done this before. The patient had a toe nail removal and needed their dressing changed. I was so worried about hurting him, I was so gentle with this one. I used Aseptic technique (bringing my practical skills back). Constantly checked in on my patient and ensuring they were ok with it all. The patient seemed happy with me and said they will give me 5 stars haha.


With our patients, it is not just about their conditions, reviews and wounds but it also the holistic care that is needed. Each patient is advised on health promotion, how to engage in their social life and have a better quality of life. My mentor is incredible with this! She is so supportive and encouraging with patients and is genuinely interested in their lives, religions and various methods they believe in or natural remedies they come in with. She is non-judgmental with everyone that comes into her room and is open to their ideas and empowers her patients.


In the afternoon when the morning clinic had stopped, I was given a lovely list of patients. My mentor asked (if I was comfortable), would I be able to call all the patients and try and book them in for their annual asthma review. She then set up my very own clinic to book them into!! Yay. From Monday (and on Mondays for a few hours), I have my own asthma and blood pressure clinic, to see my very own patients. How exciting! 😀

So, I sat and started my list of patients, I managed to book in around 5 patients for myself.   They have allowed me to have 30 minutes each patient to start with, and see how I get on. There is an online template for the asthma management that needs completing. Also, as I mentioned in my previous blog, I have sat with my mentor today and wrote my tick list of what I need to do with the patient.

Most of the patients, did not answer when I called or the number was not working. However, I left voicemails, in my ‘professional posh’ voice haha. Furthermore, I had to make a note of this on their care notes on the GP computer system. Luckily, I am very tech savvy so I have managed to get used to their system quite well so far. I have put my communication skills to the test in a very new way by doing the phone calls.

As a general practice nurse, be prepared to be a ‘jack of all trades’.

Tomorrows plan of action; I will be working with the lovely doctor for the day as my mentor does not work Fridays. I am really excited for this, mainly because we have a home visit to do! How exciting?! It will be a great experience as always, I am sure. For now, goodnight.


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