Day 5 in the life of my GP placement

Good evening all! I have just finished my final day of my first week at my wonderful general practice (GP) placement.

What have I been up to today?

Today I was working with a fantastic foundation year 2 (FY2) Doctor. I had recognised her face and then realised she was on my last placement; the stroke ward. I remember back then, she was great! She was a friendly face I always went to if I saw her. I do not know if it is just me, or everyone feels like this; I hate disturbing doctors. They are always so busy on the wards, they have so many tasks they are doing and have 101 patients to see. I have always apologised for disturbing them and thanked them. Nothing ever seemed like a problem with this FY2, she was lovely. I was happy to have her as my teacher for the day.

Today, I worked 11am – 18:00pm. We saw such a variety of patients today. I liked that the doctor saw a full range of ages and they were all in for such different things. From skin problems, swollen body areas, results, psychological problems and a lovely home visit! Which I asked if I could go with her and see 🙂 that was great to experience.

It was nice to see a patient in the comfort of their own home, they appear less anxious and more relaxed. I can see how it can be tricky to manage patients at home too; if you have to use aseptic technique for a wound, for example. But you have to do the best you can in such circumstances.

During clinic, if the doctor was in doubt of anything, she knocked on the main doctors door and asked for his advice. The main doctor, is fabulous! He is very good at his job and so knowledgeable. He said to me today;

‘when I started training, I did not even know how to treat something so simple. We cannot know everything in this life.’

He is very right. Even the highest of consultants have to seek advice sometimes. It is natural. If I do not know something, I never feel pressured as if I have to know it all. How can we know everything, plus that is what makes team work.

Everyone has their own jigsaw piece of knowledge that they add to make the whole picture.

We all have our separate capabilities img_8322and come together to provide the best care for the individual.

My new experience of the day today; I felt and learnt what a fontanelle is on a baby. This is the space between the bones of the skull that have not fused together yet. How amazing!

Then, to end my day, I was invited out for a leaving meal by the doctor! How lovely is this?! I feel like part of the team here already. Everyone has been so fantastic and they really make you feel like a ‘proper’ nurse and not just a student.

I have a weekend of revision, shopping for a new outfit (for the GP conference next week) and more revision. Very excited to be starting my very own clinic on Monday and of course I will have to blog all about it. Until then, goodnight ❤️


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