Week two of my GP placement

19th March 2018:

Today I started my very own clinic! In the morning, I had patients that needed their blood pressure review and in the afternoon, I had patients in for their asthma review. Initially I was a little nervous, as this is something I had never done before, but I felt comfortable enough to go through it all with the patient. Once I had finished the first couple of patients, I felt much more confident and the nerves drifted away. I had a couple of patients I had to consult with the doctor over as they had some health concerns but the doctor sorted this out quite quickly for me.

I cannot remember if I have said anything about the doctor at this practice yet? I am really impressed by the way he communicates with the staff and how he treats everyone. His patients seem to respect him and the staff get along very nicely with him. For me, as a student nurse, this doctor is very approachable, friendly and someone I know will always help me when I need it. This doctor is the main man. He runs the surgery and does it so, very well. Furthermore, he has brilliant ties that are all health related haha. This makes my day. Small things 🙂

Today I was not just doing the patient blood pressure and asthma reviews, I was building a rapport with them. I was educating them on their conditions and giving health promotion alongside it. It amazes me that some patients are prescribed medications but they do not take them properly, or have ran out a month ago and never got around to picking up the new prescription. There was a couple of patients that I had to explain the importance of their medications and the different ways they can now get their prescription instead of booking an appointment with the doctor. The patients appeared to listen and be on board with me.

One patient I had today was a wound care patient that I had seen last week with my mentor! I was so excited to see if the wound had changed in the past week and it had! It looked so much better than it did previously hurray. Hopefully, after next week this patient won’t need to come in for the dressing changing any more, fingers crossed for them.

To end my day, my doctor made a comment, I am still not sure if it was a joke or not haha. He said this:

‘My nurse is retiring next year Claire, so if you would like a job it is yours!’

AMAZING!!! Joking or not, this just topped of my fantastic day I was already having. I must be making a good impression.

20th March 2018:

This morning I had a couple of blood pressure checks to go over, along with watching my mentor give baby immunisations. We had one baby and one child of roughly 3 years old. I had prepared myself for another morning of heartbreak like last weeks babies. BUT, to my surprise, the patients did so good! They were so brave and amazed me. The baby, almost cried but did not. It could have been the fact that myself and my mentor were talking excitedly to the baby to distract her from the surprise of the injection. The 3-year-old child did not even seem to know she had, had an injection in BOTH arms?! She was so brave and smiled. Both patients got a nice, happy and colourful ‘I am brave’ sticker for being so good.

This morning had given me a new feeling of pride for my patient. Proud of how well my patients had taken these injections today, it really warmed my heart. Mended all my broken pieces of last weeks trauma ❤

In the afternoon, we had a couple of ECG’s to do and a 24-hour blood pressure monitor to put onto a patient. I was expecting a big machine for the ECG but this was a tiny device that plugs into the computer system and attaches to the patients. It monitors the heart rhythm for around 10 seconds. Recording the motions onto the computer screen for us to see. It then saves to the patient file and comes up with either a warning or a ‘no problems’ notice. If there is no problems then the patient can be reassured. However, if there is a warning sign, the recording gets sent off to be analysed by the cardiologist. Luckily our patients were ok today!

In between today, I had to go to my university for an interview. Something I am not confident in is interviews! I get some form of interview syndrome, it is like white coat syndrome but worse haha. The interviewer could ask me if the sky was blue and I would not know the answer.

My interview today was for a scholarship through the high achiever’s scheme that I have previously mentioned in my blog. This scholarship, if won, you will get £2,500 to use on your personal development! How amazing is that! This is such an incredible opportunity! For me personally, I want to use it to help other students. This is not just about me and my own development but how to encourage and motivate other students with it. I think my interview went, ok. I feel like I have said mostly everything I had to. But right now, I am doing that thing where you replay a situation over and over in your head and it gets worse each time haha. I need to stop doing that and just relax. What will be will be now. Fingers crossed! Whichever student gets this is one lucky student.

So the past couple of days, I have had fantastic experiences during my placement. Every day, I fall in love with general practice nursing a little bit more.

Tomorrow’s plans: I have a GP conference to attend. I have also been asked to give a short 5-minute talk during this about my experience on placement so far. Which is so exciting! I am nervous but this is such a fantastic opportunity and great chance to practice my public speaking skills. Until next time… goodnight all (or good morning depending what part of the world you’re reading from).




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