General Practice placement – start of week 3

Seriously, if the days could just slow down for a moment please! Thank you.

It’s almost April?! Can you believe that? We are a quarter way through 2018 already. Not to scare anyone or anything haha.

Monday 26th March 2018.

Yesterday I had another fantastic day out on placement! We saw a variety of patients again. Each one very different from the next one. I had a few patients of my own, for blood pressure and new patient health checks. Did I mention I REALLY REALLY enjoy doing the new patient health checks?! I had another lovely family with me and had to go through all of these things with them:

  • Introduction to who I am and what I will be doing today.
  • Gain consent for me to do the health check.
  • Blood pressure, height, weight and BMI.
  • Smoking and alcohol status
  • Family history of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, asthma, hypertension and cancers.
  • Patient history of all these conditions too.
  • Medications they are currently taking.
  • Urine sample and complete a dip of this.
  • Give them an overall view of the surgery; opening times, phone numbers, which doctors and nurses work and when.
  • If there are any problems with the above history, give advice, refer to relevant medical professional or consult with doctor about this.
  • And of course, document EVERYTHING

I did have to consult with the doctor about one patient today. However, I can not go into this in detail for patient confidentiality. The patient received the right direction following our conversation. The patients left very happy and thankful for it all.

It was lovely that as I consulted with the doctor, he then went and introduced himself to the patient and explained things to them. From the body language and what the patient has stated following this, they were impressed by this and grateful.

As much as it makes my heart skip a beat when there is something wrong with a patient, it makes me proud that I can deal with this and I that can recognise when a patients health is at risk or already deteriorating. It is great that I do not need to check back with my mentor to ask ‘what shall I do’ (although there are times when I do need to as I do not know what to do in some situations). It is great to know how far I have come from being a first year and my first placement to now. Second year student and working autonomously! It makes my day 💙

In the afternoon I saw an ear being washed out. A patient had a build up of wax, was advised to take ear drops and then book in to have their ears cleaned out. I observed my mentor this time, as this is something I had never seen. Another new experience for me. She looked inside the ears of the patient. The patient let me have a look inside as well, which I was very grateful of. I saw a lovely bit of wax inside the ear.

My mentor then draped a plastic sheet over the patient to protect them. She had glasses on to protect her eyes from splash back of the water. And then used this little machine which pumped warmed water into the ear to, literally, wash out the wax.

I can not imagine this procedure being very comfortable for anyone! It is bad enough when you are showering and you get water in your ear haha. But the patient did not seem to mind at all. Appeared very relaxed indeed. My mentor constantly checked in with the patient too. Making sure they were comfortable.

I ended my day on another high and learning so much about general practice nursing. It truly is wonderful! I keep saying this, but all students should at least experience this area. You will gain a lot from it.

So for now, I am going to get in a bit of revision before starting at 9am. Good morning and have a great day!

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