End of week 3 in my GP placement

Friday 30th March 2018

It is the bank holiday weekend all! And guess what? I am finished for the weekend and I have a long weekend off?! How amazing is that. Last year on the wards, I worked every single bank holiday going. However, to be honest, I would not mind working it all at all! I have truly loved my placement so much, if they were open I would be there with bells on.

It is just nice to know, I have four days off in a row now. I can make plans, see friends and revise like a pro for my exam on 11th April (in case I have not mentioned this already).

The past week has flown by. During the week I have seen so many patients. I had a few in my own clinic again, which is so lovely! I love seeing patients myself. I have had to consult with my mentor and the doctor on a couple of patients as their hypertension was not controlled and this needed to be reviewed. I have also had gold star, perfect patients who have left the room and we do not need to see them for another 3 months roughly.

One patient I had, had an irregular pulse rate when I checked it. I had to report this to my mentor and I asked her to double check it and if we need to do an ECG on them. Which she agreed we did, so we will see that patient next week for their ECG. This is why it is so much better to do everything manual. A battery operated machine will not tell you that a patients pulse is irregular. You should always check the rhythm of your patients pulse. I personally love manual blood pressure and pulse checks. Nevertheless, I can see that machines make a nurse’s life that little bit easier. It is less time consuming to use a machine that does the blood pressure and pulse all in one. Especially when you are on a time restraint of 10 – 20 minutes per patient.

But for me, personally, whilst I have the time, I prefer doing it all manual. In general practice (GP) nursing, all of the nurses and doctors I work with check the pulse manually. From what I have learnt so far, it is an actual requirement to check the pulse rhythm in GP.

Does anyone else have ways of doing these things? Any comments and suggestions welcome ☺️

Other things I have witnessed this past week;

  • Doctor doing a health check on a baby.
  • I put on an ECG (I did put the stickies slightly too far apart on the chest area which was corrected).
  • I saw how a spirometer is used and what it does. The nurse also got me to do a spirometer reading myself as a patient so I could experience what they experience. I am not going lie, I was not keen haha! Trying to force air from your lungs as long as possible is really hard! Harder than it looks and sounds. Luckily my readings were good.
  • I did a home visit with my mentor for a diabetic foot check and blood testing.
  • I have been stocking up the clinic, documenting fridge temperatures and checking the emergency pack.
  • Putting medications away, into the fridges. Rotating the stock by the longest dates at the back and the shortest dates to the front.

I have had another amazing week with img_8556my placement. I continue to learn each week and I am almost at my half way point now! Next week I will be doing my midway interview with my mentor and discussing anything I need to build on to develop myself.

This weekend I shall be revising for my exam, relaxing and making a couple of informative vlogs to post. But for now, have a great easter weekend all.

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