Everyone needs a little self care

Just a small disclaimer before I go on: my views are completely my own and no one else’s. I am about to talk to you all about my own personal life and preferences and I would never in a million years put my own preferences or views onto a patient I am caring for. I always follow policies, guidelines, the NMC code and evidence based practice

Self care as a healthcare professional is so important. We are so busy with caring for others so much, that we neglect our own needs sometimes. 🌻

Last week, if anyone watched my vlog, you can see I started to panic about my upcoming exam on Wednesday 11th April 2018. Following this, I am the most relaxed positive person you shall ever meet. However, I did start to over think about this exam, I kept going over and over it and stressing myself out about it. I decided I needed to work on that and get some self care to prevent me from going completely insane haha!

I went to see a homeopathic lady (we shall name her Sarah today) on Saturday 7th April 2018. This is the part where it gets controversial (hence the disclaimer above).

In my personal life, I prefer to take the natural remedies and alternative therapies (such as meditation). I like to find out the route cause of something rather than just treat a symptom. Something that I do not think is a bad thing working as a healthcare professional.

So, Saturday I went to see the homeopath (this was actually my first time of this experience). She was a lovely lady, kind, caring, non judgemental and overall a warm person upon meeting her. Furthermore, this was a recommendation made by my partner who has seen her a few times for her own life balance. I have seen the change in my partner and how well this type of alternative therapy has worked.

So why not?

Sarah is fully trained and experienced in her field. She combines a mixture of things that are tailored to your needs; counselling, therapies, natural remedies, reiki, and something beginning with B…. which for the life of me I cannot remember sorry! Her beliefs are that you should cure the individual holistically not just as a symptom. Along with, some symptoms can be a manifestation of past experiences. Nonetheless, she also recognises that if you do not drink enough water you will get a headache as part of dehydration. So she is very realistic with her views.

I sat down with Sarah, and she asked about the reasons I had gone to see her. We talked through my exam stress, along with some symptoms I had been getting of headaches, foot cramp and fatigue. This then followed onto my family history, which unveiled my fear of cancer and dying. Mainly because it is in my family history. My family have the C curse and have all passed away in their 50’s.

When I peaked at 30 years old I started to think more about this and it became a fear. These were the two main things she wanted to tackle today. The hour I had with her passed very quickly! At the end of the session she said she would like to give me some reiki and relieve some of the tension for me.

I had never experienced reiki healing before, it is a very different experience to the meditation that I have done previously. Surprisingly I did come off the couch feeling a lot more relaxed in myself.

She then gave me two natural remedies personalised to my needs. One for the anxieties and the other that deals with fear, trauma and cancer. It can also be given to prevent cancers with a family history of this. I left with my remedies and reflecting upon the session with her.

Since this session I have been a lot more relaxed and less worried about the exam. Of course I know it is fast approaching but I do not feel scared any more, I feel ready for it! The exact feeling I really needed.

I am booked in with her in a couple of weeks time again for some other personal life and family history matters. Things I would like to address so that they never become an issue in the future and I live until I am 103 healthy and happy❤️

Does anyone else have a strange number they would like to live to or is that just me? Haha. Does anyone else have any alternative therapies or beliefs they have and would like to share them? I would love to hear them all.

My final thought of this is; if you feel like you need some self care in your life, take the time out and do whatever it is that helps YOU. Learn to recognise when you need help and time out. To listen and recognise your own body needs. Only YOU can know how YOUR body works and feel if something is ‘off’ with it. We are all unique human beings which individual needs and ways of dealing with life. Do what makes you happy and healthy.

We have to be OUR best self for the benefit of our patients.

For now, thanks for listening, and have a great week!


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