Exam is done. How did it go?

The past few months I have been so busy, mainly with revision for this exam.

Wednesday 11th April 2018:

It is 7.30am and I have arrived outside university. That’s right, a whole two hours early for this exam! I have said this before, I have some form of OCD about being early for everything in my life. I personally, would rather be extremely early than late.

My partner and our dog dropped me off in the morning and we sat outside the university for around 45 minutes getting the little extra pieces of revision in. I am not sure if anyone else has this, let me know if you do… but.. there came to a point where I physically could not revise any more?! It did not matter how much I picked up the paper, watched videos or written my notes. It just would not sink in and I found myself forgetting the simple things! So there were a few times that I had to just stop and push it aside for another day. Luckily this was the last couple of days before the exam and not the past few months.

I went inside and I met up with my university friends, we sat and went over our revision notes together. I had my notes in my bag ready, but I did not take them out, like I said, I physically could not? I then found myself procrastinating, I spotted the new school office and said ‘I am off to get some more stripes for my uniform.’ Because last time I picked them up, I had only picked up two instead of four. However, I think this was because I had second year in my head (the number two). So I needed two extra stripes for the rest of my uniform.

It is a funny old feeling in the university when there is an exam going on. You can smell the fear in the air and the back of your hairs stand up on your skin from the tension. At 9.15am we went into the room, we were all placed in different rooms according to our surnames. I was quite lucky and had two of my friends with me, this made me feel at ease a little. I was definitely very nervous by now.

As I walked into the room, it fell silent. Students put their bags on the side, chose their desk to sit at and sat silently waiting for the next instruction. Following this, we were then briefed about the exam and the rules surrounding it. We were given 2 hours and 10 minutes in total for the exam.

The first 10 minutes given to us was purely to look through the questions and get an overall feel for how it is lay out. We were not allowed to touch our pens at all!

I opened my paper, I scrolled through a couple of times and I felt a huge sense of relief and tension leave my body! I relaxed. I knew the answers to a lot of them and the layout was so well planned! I just wanted to pick my pen up and start there and then ☺️

‘Two hours on the clock, you may start the exam!’

This is it, what I have been preparing for, spending my waking moments before and after placement on, my life dedicated to… I started my exam.

I finished the exam after an hour roughly. I had an hour left but I wanted to go through my answers and make sure I had answered everything, not only this, I wanted to count how many I think I have correct haha.

After another 30 minutes I put my hand up, handed in my paper and I left the room. I had finished yay!

I left that room with the biggest smile on my face. I was so happy with that exam and felt confident I had done enough to pass! The general feel from other students is that it went well too, which was lovely to hear. I personally enjoyed that exam, there was a variety of questions to answer;

  • Multiple choice answers
  • True or false
  • Yes or no
  • Diagrams
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Short answers

I think this type of exam is great for students; it makes it interesting to complete. I came out of the room absolutely chuffed with it all, so much so I had to hug the lecturer for it and thank them for writing a good exam paper!

The weird thing was, I started to get some form of anxiety afterwards?! Has anyone else experienced this? In the evening, my chest went very tight and I had the odd heart palpitation… This feeling lasted a few hours and then I fell asleep. I had a couple of dreams about the exam afterwards too, very strange. I think possibly because I had gone from being nervous in the morning to such a high afterwards, my body just said

‘I am not used to this, please calm yourself.’

We will all get our results in around 4 weeks time. I do feel confident I have passed this, now it is just the result! My aim is 75% and I hope I managed to achieve this. Until then, thank you for listening and have a great weekend.

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