HARS seminar series – Leadership

Wednesday 18th April 2018

Today I attended my second session of the High Achievers Recognition Scheme (HARS) at Birmingham City University and what another fantastic session this was! Aims of today’s session:

  • Provide a definition of both leadership and management.
  • Explaining the importance in the world of work.
  • Be able to describe 5 behaviours related to successful leadership.
  • Identify the likely impact your ‘colour energy mix’ on your leadership.

(HARS 2018).

I have not spoken to you all about ‘colour energy mix’ yet so this point will probably not make sense right now. However, in brief, we all had to do an ‘insight’ profile which determine which ‘colour’ we are in our lives. Either when we are in our comfortable and natural state or our ‘work face’ the way in which we want the world to see us. I will do a separate blog on this topic.

Back to today, I arrived excited for this session and early as always. The sessions are mainly run by a fantastic gentleman called Kevin Faulkner.  He is a wonderful speaker, very motivating, inspirational and he truly see’s things from the bigger picture and makes you question everything around you.

We started the session talking about what the difference is between leadership and management. If anyone would like to add some input, please feel free to comment. It is great to get other peoples’ opinions 🙂 What do you think the difference between leadership and management is? Here are a couple of definitions from the day:

(Power point by HARS 2018)

Following this, we spoke about what makes a good or bad leader IMG_0066and we added some extra points to our previous chart on the ‘perfect leader.’ There were a lot of ideas around this topic, because what does make a perfect leader? Is there such a thing? Have a look at the photo of some of the things we put and feel free to input anything in the comments below 🙂

I had a few comments from the last session on my vlog and through a Facebook post I had done which were: “I think a good leader needs to be inspiring – difference between a manager and a leader! They need to be emotionally intelligent, resilient and able to give constructive criticism but also acknowledge when people do well! No use being able to dish out negatives if they can’t praise the team when they’ve had a great day!” (Hannah Smith 2018)   You can follow Hannas twitter page here. She is a third-year student nurse and has started doing some video diaries of her student life which are fabulous.

Another comment was from one of my friends who said he thought the leader should be someone that knows how it feels to work from the bottom all the way to the top or someone that knows all of the roles within that area. Which I think is a great point, if you know the different roles and how a particular place functions, you can definitely lead or manage it far better?

During the session, Kevin was talking and being his inspirational self and something very odd happened… the clock started to fast forward suddenly, spinning around like a ferris wheel gone wrong. Now I fully believe that Kevin moves time as well as emotions #Kevinmovesclocks haha! It was a very strange but funny moment in that session which I needed to share with you all.

As the day went on we spoke about ‘flexing your leadership muscles.’ Which was all about:


  • What are your goals?
  • Taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture.
  • Staying away from that operator mode.
  • Know the type of leader you want to be.
  • See individuals’ possibilities, aspirations and inspire, keeping the spirit alive to help others.


  • Creating opportunities to be engaging.
  • Building big relationships.
  • Asking for feedback on light and shade.
  • Harness the positive emotional energies and help others to find the good in you.


  • Delivering through others and linking this to the future you want.
  • Developing others to be leaders.
  • Create a bigger dialog and opportunities to make bigger request.

(HARS 2018)

All in all, this session was again a fantastic experience. I am thoroughly enjoying every moment and taking it all in to enable me to become my best self. It is goodbye for now but I shall leave you with this quote from the day and a little song for some motivation click here for song:

“Without reflection there is no action and with no action there is no reflection” (Kevin Faulkner 2018). 

HARS logo

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