Student nurse – NHS 30 day challenge

I have set myself a challenge! For the next 30 days I want to do 30 minutes of exercise, from home, without the use of any gym products, or bought tools to help with fitness. This is for a couple of reasons:

  • People make excuses not to exercise, I wanted to step into those shoes and erase these excuses. ‘I can’t afford the gym’, ‘I do not have the money for equipment.’ ‘It’s raining so I can’t get out for a walk etc.’
  • I am genuinely unfit. I may look tiny and healthy but actually, I get out of breath just running upstairs. So, this is for my own health and fitness levels.
  • How can I give health advice to patients if I, myself, are not following it? I want to be my best self for the future care of my patients. No excuses from me either!
  • I have been thinking of doing something for #claireschallenge which was set up by a lecturer at my university who was diagnosed with cancer and instead of letting this beat her, she has gone out and raised money for the cancer charities. I have been thinking for a while now of something I can do different which will hopefully help others but also raise money for these charities. So here it is… my #30daychallenge

If anyone has any advice or tips please let me know. I am in no way an expert with any of this haha.

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Watch my 30 Day Challenge here

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 20.50.44.png

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