Week 6 of my general practice placement

I cannot believe I only have two weeks left of placement…. The final day is going to be heart wrenching for me but until then, I shall make the most of every second.

Monday 16th April and Tuesday 17th April 2018

I was with my mentor and we saw a variety of patients:

  • Diabetic
  • Hypertension
  • Smear tests
  • Contraception
  • Baby immunisations
  • Travel vaccines
  • Home visit

One of my mentors’ patients has recently had a bit of a shock with their health diagnosis and my mentor went around to the house to check in on them. One thing I truly love about my mentor is that she is so caring! Nothing is ever too much for her, she goes above and beyond for her patients on a daily basis. Furthermore, she inspires me and I see her as a great role model; the general practice nurse I want to be.

Wednesday 18 April 2018

I was with my buddy mentor and we had the asthma and COPD clinic which was great to see. I did not realise that it was quite tricky to actually diagnose asthma. Someone can have all of the symptoms of asthma, but their peak flow will be spot on. My buddy mentor goes by what the patient is telling them and what symptoms the patient is experiencing. I often wonder if I have asthma, how do you tell if you have asthma or are just generally unfit? I get so breathless when I walk up hill or do any form of exercise at all. My chest goes tight, I cough sometimes with it but the only time I feel like that is upon exercising. This is definitely something I should look into for myself…..

I finished the morning and I headed to the university for the next high achievers recognition scheme (HARS) seminar on leadership which I blogged about on Thursday (go check it out).

Thursday 19th April

I had a lovely morning off and then I met my mentor at the nurses forum, which was fantastic to see! Firstly, we were introduced to the new chief nurse Carmel O’Brian and found out a little bit more about her. Following this, we had the Alzheimers Society talk with us on how to refer dementia patients to them and an overview of what they do. After this, we had the pharmacological updates and what sort of changes there will be coming into clinic: dressings, blood glucose monitors and antibiotics. Oh wait, I did not tell you about the FREE FOOD! Everyone knows I love free food hahafullsizeoutput_5

There was a beautiful spread of hot food, rice, samosas, different curries and naan bread and of course fruit and cheesecake. There were hot and cold beverages to keep hydrated too. I could not of been happier 🙂


After this forum, I went over to observe my friends and work colleagues Kelly and Alexus do a training session  around LGBT awareness for a group of teachers in a local school. This was a fantastic session ran by them both:

  • Fun and engaging
  • The use of pronouns for LGBT individuals
  • Terminology used
  • How you can do the best for someone that identifies as LGBT
  • General awareness
  • Games and prizes! We all love a prize!

Friday 20th April 2018:

Today I arrived at placement early, so I sat and created a ‘student guide to your own clinics.’ This was something I wanted as a student, a checklist of things I should be doing for patients when running my own clinics: Hypertension, Asthma and Diabetes. I know when I was told by my mentor I would be running these clinics, I wanted to know I had done everything for the patient before they leave the room. I wrote myself a checklist to enable me to do this. I wanted to create a nice, neat and typed document for the next student, hoping that this will help them in their clinics 🙂

I then went with the doctor for the morning and we saw a variety of patients:

  • Mental health assistance
  • Back pain from a previous injury
  • An unwell baby
  • Skin problems
  • Increase in headaches
  • Infected insect bite / ring worm

Overall, I have had such a busy and amazing week AGAIN! You are all going to be sick of hearing me go on about this haha. I did do a little vlog on my week if you want to watch it.

For now, have a great Sunday!

(Google image 2018)


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