Why do I want to become a nurse?

‘Hard times build determination and inner strength. Through them we can also come to appreciate uselessness of anger’ (Dalia Lama).

With the current stresses and strains on our National Health Service (NHS), the bad press and the shortage of staff why would anyone want to go into this profession?

Hello, my name is Claire Carmichael, I am 34 years old and I am passionate about nursing and our NHS! The first time I took note of nurses was when I was 7 years old and the district nurses came to provide end of life care to my granddad at home. Following this, my grandmother who died in hospital of Cancer when I was 15 years old. I remember back then, seeing them as superhero’s….

However, at the time, I also remember feeling helpless and I did not fully understand what was going on or the conditions they both had. Moreover, I did not do very well in my GCSE’s and this made me feel very unconfident and incompetent to do such an amazing role as a nurse.

Nevertheless, I wanted to gain more knowledge to help others in the future. I started working in a care home for the elderly to gain some experience. It was at this particular home that I fell in love with the nursing profession and this is where I wanted my future career to lie. I realised, I needed to be a nurse; it was the only thing I had passion for and that I was good at. I then completed my NVQ’s and then the access course to get me onto the nursing degree.

Why do I stand by our NHS I hear you ask? The NHS is part of our history and I want to help make it a part of our future. I believe in a free healthcare system for all and we are so lucky to be living in the United Kingdom with such a privilege. Furthermore, on the 5th of July our NHS turns 70! What an achievement; I am honoured and proud to work for our NHS.

Over my 10 years of working within healthcare services I have slowly witnessed professionals losing the passion for nursing and the staffing levels reducing. I want to make a change here! I want to turn negativity into nurse positivity and bring the passion back into the hearts of those who are lost.

I did not come into nursing for the money or for the promotion, I came into nursing to make a difference.

I started nursing to make a difference to patients and their families but now I stand here today to make a difference to healthcare professionals too. I adore nursing and every aspect that comes with it; the joy, the laughter and the tears.

I want professionals to remember why they came into this. Remember the day you qualified as a nurse and how proud you felt in that moment. Remember the patient that held you and thanked you for just being there for them. What a difference you made to that individual, no amount of money or reward can give you that feeling in your soul. Be reminded that YOU, yes YOU are an incredible human being and the real super hero of this world.

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