Week 7 of my GP placement

We are approaching the end of my placement 😦 Next week is my very last week here and I am gutted. I have had such an incredible experience and I do not want to leave. I have definitely found my passion.

What a busy week we have had again. We had patients come in for a variety of things; diabetes, hypertension, new health checks and wound care. This week we have had a lot of wound dressings to do, which is amazing! I really love wound care and management, so this for me was a great week.

Tuesday 24th April 2018:

In the morning we had baby immunisations and a few hypertension / diabetic checks to do. However, the afternoon was the highlight for me! We had minor surgery yay! Today’s surgery was a few steroid injections into the joints and then wart, skin tag and mole removals. I had not seen these being done before so this was a new experience for me. It was so fascinating to watch the doctor do this, he is so precise in everything he is doing. He does not leave a tiny speck behind. A great thing about working within a GP – no day is ever the same here. It is amazing! I am loving every minute of it.

Wednesday 25th April 2018: 

Today I was in my asthma and COPD clinic with the other nurse. She also had a few smear tests booked into her clinic too. During one of the smear tests the nurse noticed a polyp on the cervix which (with consent) I had a look at. This is something I have never seen before either, so, for me, this was so interesting to see.

What is a cervical polyp? A polyp are usually a benign growth on the cervix that is usually a cherry red colour or a darkish grey colour. These can be removed surgically by general anaesthetic and then sent to a laboratory to be reviewed.

Thursday 26th April 2018: 

On Thursday we had some stitches to take out! How exciting AGAIN! In my first placement, I removed clips from a wound (like staples in skin) but I have never removed an actual stitch. The patient was ready for us and my mentor turned and asked if I wanted to remove the stitches. I very nervously replied ‘I’m sorry, I have never removed stitched before’ in which my mentor replied ‘you can’t say that in front of the patient haha!’ Which was a comedy moment not a serious one. The patient was very willing to let me take the stitches out once I had witnessed my mentor do this. He said ‘everyone has to learn one way or another.’

On the inside I was so nervous to do this, but my exterior was calm and professional. I took the tweezers to get hold of the knot in the stitch and then I took the blade with my other hand and cut the stitch so that I could pull it out of the skin. That’s it, my first stitch removed yay! Safe and sound and no one got hurt haha. A new experience to add to my book.

We then had a home visit to do another stitch removal, blood pressure and diabetic foot check.

Friday 27th April 2018:

Today I was back with the doctor observing her clinic. We had a mixture of patients again today: mental health referral, flu, a patient with a lost voice, recurrent health problem that had to be referred as well. I really enjoy seeing the other side to the clinics with the doctors, they are great to gain more experience from and see a wide variety of health problems that patients come in for.

My week has ended on a high, I have learnt so much this past week and I am enjoying every second of this placement. Next week I shall be completing my final interview with my mentor (fingers crossed she signs me off! Haha) and making the most of my very last week with them all. It is going to be a very emotional week that is for sure. Until then, have a great Sunday!

You can have a look at my vlog on this past week here: Week 7 vlog

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