A week off and How did my exam go?!

Dear diary….

I have had a wonderful week off! It has been the most random, relaxing but action packed week I have had to date… haha! It started off with a lovely sunny day of 26 degrees and we took Joey (a dog / human) for a walk. Joey discovered water and the art of falling in 🙂

Bank holiday Monday; I planted my sunflower seeds for heart failure awareness week (thank you to pumping marvellous for these!). Following this, I went to the garden centre to buy some bamboo sticks to hold my sunflower upright when it starts to grow and I came back with a whole garden full of plants haha whoops… I have never done any form of gardening before and usually kill off plants… so fingers crossed I keep these alive and growing! I came back with: Strawberries, cucumbers, potatoes, thyme, mint, tomatoes and peas. I am really excited about starting to grow and eat fresh, any tips and advice welcome 🙂

Tuesday; we went for a family day out at RAF Cosford and it was another glorious day in the sunshine for it. I did not come back with any planes or helicopters, my garden is not that big haha!

Wednesday: We were supposed to go down to the beach but the weather took a turn for the worse and it was due to rain all day so we decided on another garden centre. I came back with a pink lavender plant, a fly trap plant (named Audrey – name that movie?) and a lot of solar lights to keep my garden snug at night.

Thursday; We ventured down to Kent to visit my sister (around 3.5 – 5 hours drive depending traffic). Joey met Evee for the first time (Ever is my sisters cockapoo puppy) which was an interesting match haha. We walked the dogs and slept….

Friday; I got my exam results yay!! I passed! 65.5%!!! Whoop!

So happy that I passed, it is not quite the grade I wanted though, I was aiming for 75% or more 😦 This is actually my lowest grade for an exam yet so I am a little disheartened by the result but onwards and upwards. If it goes by last years results, I started off like this then achieved high for the rest of the year, so fingers crossed now! Still aiming high, I want to qualify with that first.

Goal – to qualify with a first

We then took Joey to his first beach which he absolutely loved (see vlog link below for this). Joey and Evee both got covered and then had to have a shower together haha! But it did the trick with knackering them out for a good night sleep (winning).

Saturday; We actually did not do much on Saturday, we had a pretty chilled one all day and ended the day with a bit of Britains got talent and an early night.

Sunday; My sisters birthday! 33 today – happy birthday! I got her some new straighteners which she seemed chuffed with and we woke her up with birthday cake and candles to blow out. We then took her out for some birthday lunch and we had a long drive back ahead of us.

I ended my week off with Nashville the TV show… which I am now addicted to and on season 3 after binge watching it for the past few weeks haha! Anyone else addicted to Nashville? Did I mention I love country music? No…. well I love country music… all types of country! I also booked some tickets to see Clare Bowen (Nashville singer / actress) in September! I am so excited for that one 😀

That is it folks, my week off is over. It has been a fantastic week off, I have a few more days off this week with a mixture of creating a fun vlog to raise awareness for the #hellomynameis campaign (watch this space), preparing to start second half of the year and my partners birthday celebrations.

Until next time…. have a great weekend, set yourself some goals for the week and smash them!

Click here for my week vlog in full! Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 20.20.05

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