First week back at uni

First week back at university – second half of second year! Here is how the rest of my week went. Monday’s entry can be found in the blog previous to this one 😊

Dear diary….

Tuesday 22nd May 2018:

I arrived at university early and eager to learn. Despite being a little bit of traffic on the roads, I have managed to get to university really early these past couple of days.

We had two lectures today; the first about qualitative research and the second about quantitative research. I am not going to lie here, these lectures did almost make me fall asleep! However, this is no fault of the lecturers themselves (they were great!) I just personally do not think there is an exciting way to teach these sorts of sessions. Nonetheless, I know these are important lectures that we need for the rest of our studies and once qualified. Research is always needed, especially in healthcare! I returned home feeling very drained and fell asleep before 21:00pm!

Wednesday 23rd May 2018:

Today, I have a day off. I know… I have only just got back into university and I have a day off already?! Haha. Today is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and I managed to sleep past 6.30am. I must have needed that.

I had a high achievers recognition scheme (HARS) scholarship meeting today (trying saying that drunk haha). I met with the other successful scholars and we talked about what we can do for HARS and what development needs we might have. Furthermore, how we can take HARS further! There are some exciting things coming up for HARS and I can not wait to be part of it all.

Following this meeting, I spent the afternoon with my partner and our dog Joey. Today, we finally taught Joey to swim! What an achievement for him! You can see this moment in my latest Vlog below.

Thursday 24th May 2018

Last night, I decided to do some research around my poster before bed (big mistake). I could not find anything I wanted using CINAHL. Apparently there is no research on dementia and malnutrition/ eating / nutrition / ANYTHING! Which I know is wrong, there HAS to be research and information out there on these topics. I had nightmares about researching for this poster and I had initially woken in fear and doubt. I felt like I can not do this poster.

Our lectures today were really interesting and fun! Our first lecture talked about the leaflet we have to produce for this module; this leaflet has to be a health promotion one surrounding a particular issue around mother and baby. After this, we had a lecture on sexual health along with a little quiz to take part in, which was great fun! You know I love all things sexual health!

Today, changed my world! My uni group and I, all went into the library to talk to them about researching. I told the librarian my problems that I had, had last night. She then showed me exactly where I was going wrong; I had been searching wrong this whole time!! For anyone that knows CINAHL, you have to search your subjects separately first and THEN join them together afterwards rather than combining them both at the start.

116 searches found!!! Yes!! Thank you BCU library team! You have just amazed me and made the future of searching a whole lot easier! Now I can search and actually have results.

Following this, I met with my poster group and we went over topics to discuss in our presentation. We narrowed it down to a couple and then we found one topic we all seemed to love! Once we found our topic we used PEO and PICO tools to generate our question and as if by magic, there we had it! Our question for our poster was complete!! How exciting!

So today ended up being amazing! I feel relieved, uplifted and ready to get stuck into this module now. What a difference a day makes.

Friday 25th – Sunday 27th May 2018:

Over the bank holiday weekend. I made a start and finished my leaflet! I wanted to get it out the way and not have to worry about the amount of workload. Start as I mean to go on.

For the leaflet we have to use evidence based practice to write our rationale for it. 1,000 words in total. This part, I am finding hard! Thousands of searches come up but not what I am looking for. It has been a long, stressful weekend on this part of the leaflet. I did not realise how difficult it would be to find solid evidence on breastfeeding?! ‘Breast is best’ right? But why, and where are the facts. I managed to find around 400 words to write and reference. But I still need another 600 words to finish my rationale. I was hoping I would have this done by today (Monday 28th May 2018). Looks like I need to be patient and keep searching. Fingers crossed for me….

Until next time, have an amazing week everyone. Thanks for listening.

If you’d like to see my vlog version of this blog please check it out here:

My weekly Vlog

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