Second week back at university

My week back started on a Tuesday…

Tuesday 29th May 2018:

Today we had a mixture of lessons, starting with nursing care. In this lesson we built on our professional values and core skills in providing holistic care for all. Fantastic session and I really love holistic care! Every nurse should always practice holistic care; physiological, psychological, social life, spiritual, emotional and intellectual. After this session we had another 4 hours or research and we all know, this is my new found hate…. haha! Ok hate might be a strong word… Despite my not so love for research, this session was really informative for our group poster presentation and it has really helped our group to know what exactly we are doing with it.

Wednesday 30th May 2018: 

I had a day off yay! I spent the day with my partner and dog Joey. Mainly a day of relaxing and not doing very much 🙂 which is always lovely to do. I then went to the hairdressers in the afternoon to have my hair corrected and toned again and now it is looking much better.

Thursday 31st May 2018:

Back to lectures today, 9-5. In the morning we had two lovely nurses talking to us about General practice nursing and how wonderful it is ( I know 🙂 ). I am so glad to see that nurses are coming in and promoting this career path to student nurse. It is definitely something that needs doing.

Our next session was all about public health and what this means. We had a fun quiz that we connected to our phones and this made the session really interactive I think. We gave our opinions on what public health meant to us and the difference between public health and health promotion.

The following session was run by two great lecturers about health promotion. They put on a scenario for us to interact with. One lecturer was the ‘patient’ who had came into clinic and we had to volunteer to provide health promotion to the patient, in front of the whole class! As some of you know, public speaking is not my friend. It terrifies me, but I always push myself and conquer it, whether it scares me or not. So I raised my hand to volunteer first, I almost did not.. I almost gave up but I did it! I achieved a new goal today. I spoke out in public and gave health promotion to this patient. What a fantastic end to the day! I am very pored of myself for pushing my limits. Advice for anyone out there:

 live with no regrets and always face those fears, otherwise how will you overcome them?

Friday 1st June 2018:

Today we have half a day of talking about dementia. We had another fantastic lecture who was so knowledgable on dementia. She really made you think about the reasons that people behave in certain ways and how we can assess those behaviours to figure out what the patient might be telling us. This enables us to provide the best care possible and  ensures a person with dementia lives a full life as possible. I really got a lot out of this session! Despite working with people with dementia previously, I had not thought about the in-depth things she had spoke about, finding the reasons why to prevent future episodes of behaviour that may be displayed. I learn something new every single week at university ad I love it!

I did a little vlog explaining my week, if anyone is interested in that sort of thing 🙂

second week at uni vlog

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 12.15.55


5 thoughts on “Second week back at university

    1. It was great 🙂 She was teaching us about the behaviours and how to try and pin point them to a solution. Like, urinating in the corner every night at 3am… She found out the patient used to do this as a farmer in the open land. So they put a urinal there and prevented the problem 🙂


      1. Apparently there are reasons behind the behaviours so we can manage it better 🙂 it’s finding the reasons that’s the tricky part! But great to know! 😊


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