A Fathers Day Special – Who is my father?

The title may make you think, wow her father is Darth Vader! ‘I am your father’… No… luckily my father is the most incredible human being alive, worthy of a title far greater. SO, who is my father? I have mentioned before, I was brought up by my nan and grandad, so let me take you back a step…

**Rewinding time to 1986**

Welcome to my 2.5 year old self. At this age, I was just about living with my biological mother and father. I won’t go into too much detail about all of this, it’s a little bit of a private, sad story. However, I will share some of the low down with you. My biological father, was a no good, little bit of a low life man (if you can call him that). He was violent towards me (I had the misfortune of reading the details of this quite recently in the medical records). Anyway, he was constantly in and out of prison for a number of things and LUCKILY I have no recollection of meeting him and never want to either.

My mother, decided to put me up for adoption and thankfully, my nan and grandad stood their ground, went to court and got legal guardianship over me. So my first real father figure was my grandad. The only things I remember about my grandad was that he was very artistic and loved Robins. He had a wood craft shed and used to make me little wooden things (Snow White and the seven dwarfs was one of them). Sadly he passed away when I was 7 years old but very quickly, my nan got together with a wonderful man called Malcom. My family were shocked that she had found someone else so fast, but to me, he was the kindest person I had ever met. He was also my nan’s ‘toy boy’ so I bet she was thrilled haha!

Malcolm, had never been married, never had any children of his own and he lived in the same house he was born in (he still lives there today!) Not only was he completely in love with my nan, he loved me like his own child. He took us in, he cared for me and protected me throughout my life. He even stuck up for me when my nan shouted at me! Bonus! There was a time, my nan was angry with me (probably for bringing another wounded pigeon home to care for) and he picked me up, got my best frock on and took me to the cinema to cheer me up. Another time when I was 9 years old, my mother had let me down, she made a promise I could go stay with them for the weekend and then broke her promise at the last minute… again… He saw how devastated I was. He paid for me to fly out to Canada to see my aunty and cousins instead! The bonus for him was that he also took my nan to Malta for a nice getaway and a break alone together 🙂 Still no idea, how on earth he afford all that!

Sadly my nan passed away when I was 15 years old. They were given a year together but she only made it to 12 weeks, there was not enough time to get married sadly. Where did that leave me? I had to move back in with my mother; I was not allowed to stay with Malcolm as I was only 15 years old and he was no legal relation to the family (something like that anyway).

I moved out of my mothers home when I was around 20 years old and could afford to live independently. I always keep in touch with Malcolm, call him, send him birthday cards, fathers day cards and visit him.

The most loving, amazing human being in this world. He has always been there when I have needed him, he is caring, loving and kind. He is the sort of person, that if there’s a family feud he sits on the fence but he keeps the peace and will never take sides even if you’re wrong. Did I mention he is hilarious?! He used to read the weather report (without me knowing) and if it was due to rain, he’d tell me ‘I’m going to make it rain today by doing a rain dance.. watch..’ that day it would rain and I fully believed he was magic! He thinks he’s a comedian and I agree! I also still dance in the rain today because of him.

So who is my father? Malcom is my father.

He has never moved on from my nan (19 years on!) although he tells me he is now looking! So, if there’s any single ladies out there…. He needs another loving comedian that’s also strong minded to keep him in line haha!

Happy fathers day dad. xox


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