University Life – Week 5

I have created a vlog for this past week which you can find here: Week 5 at uni vlog

Dear diary,

These weeks at university are flying past me… can you just slow down please. Thank you.

Monday 18th June 2018: 

Today we had a fantastic session showing us a wonderful video about Barbara and her dementia. As our next module is all about dementia, this ties in nicely. Not only does this tie in nicely with our assignment but for our own professional values whilst out on placement and as a qualified nurse. The lecturer went through the video and paused at each section and asked us questions on the situation we had just witnessed.

  • How could Barbaras anxiety be reduced / what could of been done differently?
  • What could the staff have done differently to help Barbara?
  • How could the clinic setting of changed to help Barbara?

It was a real thought provoking session and really touched your heart. It makes you think a lot more about dementia and how patients may feel. Have a watch of the video above and see what you think.

Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th June 2018: 

Days off –  I have only just got back to uni this week and I am already off? This week is a breeze haha. As such as I love learning, I needed these couple of days to recharge those batteries and just enjoy doing nothing for once.

I spent my days off with my partner, relaxing, shopping and we took our dog, Joey for a nice meal out. There is a wonderful pub / restaurant in Sutton Coldfield called The Green House Pub. If you’re in the West Midlands area (UK), you need to go! It is well worth it and they allow dogs. Not only is it visually stunning but the staff are friendly and the food is DIVINE! We have been a few times now and never had a bad experience.

Thursday 21st June 2018: 

Today, we had a mixture of lectures, first was child safeguarding. Which is always a bit of a sad topic to start the day off. It was a great lecture though and really informative. It also does not matter what field of nursing you are in, you will also see children, whether it is your patient, your patients child or your patients family member. SO, this was a great session to make us more aware of our surroundings and who we may care for. Also the type of neglect / abuse warning signs to look out for whilst out on practice. As a student nurse you have the same rights to report safeguarding issues to authorities as your mentor. If you have a worry or concern for a child you can report this yourself and to can even do this anonymously.

Our next lecture, we had a fantastic man come in to talk to us who works for NHS England. He spoke to us about care planning and how things might go wrong when writing a care plan. He also talked us through his role and how he comes and assesses work places. However, he mentioned something in this session, that I found really useful! Something we can take away with us and use in our profession or even daily life.

The 5 why’s of root cause analysis

This is a fantastic tool to work out the cause of something. It is about digging deeper to get a better understanding and to maybe put things in place to prevent something happening again (if it was a bad experience). It can also be used to become your best self. Analyse yourself and how you could do things differently maybe.

Friday 22nd June 2018: 

Guess what? Another day off?! This week I feel like a ‘real student’ haha (no offence to students out there, this is a joke). Today, I did a little bit of work for my rationale, I edited and created my vlog ready to post on Sunday (today). I also sat in the garden as it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining.

Saturday 23rd June 2018:

I did my first bank shift in around 2.5 months! Because I have been out on placement, I have not been able to do any bank shifts. It had been that long, I had been locked out of my computer log in haha. I called IT and sorted this out and I was back in a action again.

It was so nice to see people I had not worked with for a while. I have been working in the sexual health and family planning services for just over 4 years now and they have become my family in a way. I have missed them so much. Getting paid to enjoy your job, is definitely a huge bonus! There’s a saying:

job  “Choose a job you love, and you never have to work a day in your life” (google image 2018).

I only worked 10am until 16:30pm.  I spent the evening relaxing and watching Oceans eleven the movie, for the first time?! Great movie.

Sunday 24th June 2018: 

Today, I plan to start searching for research around dementia for my next assignment, 2000 words on dementia and our professional values, law and ethics and dignity / comfort. I also have another assignment of a rationale 1500 words on my care plan I have created for wound management – of a wound that is a result from a patient who has self harmed (not a real patient). Once these two pieces of work are out the way, that will be all of my written assessments done and dusted, ready to submit come August / September time. I like to be prepared. All I will have left then is to revise, revise and revise for this drug calculation exam.

Maths is not my strong point, I struggle with maths A LOT! If I am going to fail anything in university it will be maths exams. Fingers crossed this does not happen. I will revise, go to tutorials and the personal development department to help as much as I can.

Advice to other students, recognise and admit your weakness, never suffer in silence and get the support you need.

Have a great Sunday everyone! Goodbye for now.



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