My blog Name and Purpose

Today I am starting the 30 day bloggers challenge. My reasons for joining this challenge is; I adore blogging! Something I never thought I’d ever do before starting my nursing journey. I’d like to encourage others to start blogging 💙

I started blogging for a number of reasons.

  • To keep a diary of my nursing journey so that once qualified I can look back at it.
  • To hopefully inspire other people to come into this wonderful profession.
  • To give potential future nursing students an insight to what nursing entails.
  • A great tool for reflecting about my day.

I originally had the name ‘diary of the student nurse’ as that’s exactly what I wanted it to be, my diary.

Once I had upgraded and had the choice to have my own website created and permanent name, I pondered whether to change the name to something else as this is something I want to carry on throughout my nursing career. I decided the name was perfect, even as a qualified nurse. My reasons being, even as a qualified nurse, you’re still learning, still growing and developing. Policies and procedures change all the time, the world changes constantly. I will forever be in one way or another a student nurse and I love it.

So here’s to the start of my 30 day blogging challenge! Thank you for listening 💙

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