My Dream Job

Day 4 of the NHS Horizons 30 day blogging challenge.

My dream job today looks very different to what my dream job was as a child.

As a child I had an amazing post office set that I absolutely loved. My favourite thing to do was stamp things, anything that could be stamped was stamped haha! Back then, I probably wanted to be either a post lady or a professional stamper (if there was ever such a thing).

Growing up, at the end of my school days, I had no idea what I wanted to be or where I wanted to go. I used to follow other people’s ideas, friends would say ‘I’d love to be an architect or a director of movies’ so I would follow it with ‘yes! I’d love to be an interior designer or a producer of movies.’ Because I had no clue who I really was and where I was going in life.

My first real job was actually in a factory! I lasted a day… 12 hours of standing and putting labels on gammon was not my idea of living life to its fullest. (No offence to factory workers out there! I salute you all!)

Then I worked in hospitality, it’s where my mother worked so I thought why not. I did pretty much ever role you could think of. Waitress, housekeeper, receptionist. Two things I discovered about hospitality;

  1. I hated waitressing (again, I salute anyone who does this job).
  2. I absolutely adored housekeeping! I have OCD with bed making so this was a perfect role for me haha. Putting the radio on whilst dancing around making beds. That was semi living life to me. Let’s not forget the 3pm finish each day!

Eventually I found my real calling in life. I started my first position as a care assistant in a residential home back in 2004.

I fell in love with nursing.

I always offered to sit with the district nurses and watch their every move, offering help when needed. I admired them so much. I wanted to be that superwoman that helped so many people throughout her day. I had no idea how or why. I didn’t think I was good enough for nursing.

Until I met a girl who was doing her nursing diploma and she couldn’t boil an egg. I worked along side her and I couldn’t believe that she was going to become a nurse? I thought if she can do this so can I!

It took me a while to get to where I am today. I had to do my Maths and English, I completed the NVQ level 2 and then 3 (my plan was to go and do the diploma afterward). Then they pulled the diploma course and you could only complete the nursing degree.

Back at square one! I then went on to do the access course which allowed me enough credits to get into the nursing degree yay!

Unfortunately, after starting the course back in 2012, I had to leave after a few months due to some personal circumstances. I had to move away from Birmingham for a year, get my finances in order so I could return and start over again.

In 2014 I started working back in Birmingham in sexual health and family planning services as a healthcare assistant. This has been my favourite role so far! I have been trained to do venipuncture! How amazing is that! Working along side such a wonderful team has been the highlight. Despite the stresses and strains of a day, we all lift each other’s spirits and enjoy the day. I’ve never met such dedicated and wonderful people 💙

My plan was to come back into nursing and go back as a sexual health nurse. January 2017 I started back on my degree fresh, keen and ready for it! I have never been so motivated and dedicated in my whole life. The end goal is so close for me now. To finally be the nurse I want to be, it’s taken me a long process to get here, but boy will it be worth it!

I have had so many opportunities, amazing placements. In the back of my mind I always loved the idea of general practice (GP) nursing. Stepping into a GP placement made me fall in love with it! What a fantastic role all you GPNs do!

So what is my dream job now?

I want to do a mixture of things;

  • GP nursing or sexual health nurse or both.
  • I would LOVE a health education role at the university! This is a very new dream job of mine. Something I never thought I would ever want to do. But I truly love students, I love helping out, I love seeing the first years progress and watch their journey. It’s genuinely melts my heart! So do to this for the rest of my career, that’s living life.

If I can combine all of the above, my life will be complete. No more gammon labelling, just living my life helping others, what a rewarding dream job!

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