Celebrating the NHS 70!

Day 5 of my NHS Horizons – 30 day blogging challenge.

Today celebrates the NHS being 70 years young!! How exciting.

The NHS was established back on the 5th of July 1948 by the health secretary at the time: Aneurin Bevan.

All health services including;

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists
  • Opticians
  • Hospitals

Were all brought together as one big happy family and provided a service that is ‘free at the point of delivery’ (NHS 70 2018)

So much has developed and improved since 1948 however, there are also some struggles, such as staff shortages, funding and the removal of the bursary which in return gives our wonderful NHS a negative view for future recruitment.

I truly believe in our NHS and I know I will fight to keep it for another 70 years more.

People forget the amazing miracles that happen on a DAILY basis within the NHS. People aren’t told about the great work that ALL staff within the NHS do on a daily basis; all day, every day, because the news loves a negative story to share over a positive one.

This is exactly why a number of student nurses and qualified are now promoting nurse positivity. To share the amazing view we all have on our profession and erasing the negativity that can be portrayed.

I stand by our NHS not only because of the incredible people that make it but because I believe in free healthcare for all; no matter what your situation or background. It’s 2018 and no one should be suffering in the world anymore, especially from affording healthcare.

I barely use the NHS myself as a patient and I’m happy for my contribution to go to those people who really need it. It’s why I nurse after all, for others and not myself. But let’s face it, I am rewarded every day as it’s an absolute pleasure to work for the NHS!

Every single patient smile and ‘thank you’ is priceless to me. That’s my reward and no amount of money will pay for that reward.

So now, I am off to celebrate with a big 70th tea party at my university! Have a great day everyone and a

(NHS England 2018)

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