What I fear in the future of nursing?

Day 6 of the NHS Horizons and Nurse Blogger – 30 day blogger challenge.

Even being quite possibly the most positive person on the planet I have small fears for the future of nursing. Why?

Because if it didn’t scare me I wouldn’t care and if I don’t care, I shouldn’t nurse.

I don’t fear much in the future of nursing, however my main fear is failure. I’m afraid of failing right at the end of third year and never qualifying as a nurse. I’m scared because I have come such a long way to get here already and the end is so close I can smell it. I want this more than anything!

Despite this fear, I know what I struggle with and I know that I can get support to enable me to qualify. I knew before starting the course, I wasn’t academic. I knew my maths skills were shocking and I knew my brain can’t retain information for long!

How have I corrected this so far?

  • I have access the personal development department to help with academic writing.
  • I have practice maths at home and gone to tutorials.
  • I have used different areas of my brain to help me remember the anatomy and physiology revision.

These are all things I can keep doing to keep me on track, as so far they have worked and I’m now a high achiever!

My next fear is actually more of a positive fear?! If that even makes sense… haha!

I’m scared that I have far too much choice and far too many loves in nursing to stick to one thing. I love GP nursing, sexual health nursing and health education! I’m hoping to combine these three things when I qualify and be the happiest nurse alive. However, what if I can’t do them all? What would I do? I’ll cross that bridge if it comes along.

And lastly, I’m scared of what will happen to our wonderful NHS / nurses?! With the cut of the bursary and a reduction in nursing students enrolling on the nursing degree who is going to be there at the end caring for the patients? Staff shortages and agency staff being used (no disrespect to them because they are a huge help).

I think people are viewing the students loan system as such a negative thing, and the fact it’s called a loan puts future students off? The new student loan system put in place of the bursary isn’t actually a loan as such.

Positives about the loan system:

  • The loan system pays you more than the bursary did (from what I’ve seen it’s around £3000 more depending on your situation etc).
  • It doesn’t affect your credit rating at all
  • Once you’re qualified you will pay it back when you start earning £25k a year.
  • When you start paying this back you will only be paying back around £8 and then if you’re earning more it goes up to around £15 a month. Which is nothing really.

The only negative about the loan system is that I don’t agree that students should be paying themselves to work 37.5 hours. It’s slave labour! There should be something put in place to pay ANY student, that has to physically work. Even if it was minimum wage, it’s far better than paying yourself to work? Surely?

Overall my outlook for the future of nursing is bright! I remain positive and I’m so excited to get stuck in as a qualified nurse!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great evening.

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